Timothy Coyle

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Timothy Coyle


Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre
Years Active 2014-Present

Timothy (Tim) Coyle is an improv performer and member of the troupe Character Explosion the duo You Bet Your Life and an instructor for Building Connections.


Born and raised in Chicago, relocating to Austin in August 2000. It only took Tim 37 years, and multiple back injuries in martial arts, to finally got a clue that Improv is much easier on the body than kicks to the head. After taking a free improv workshop that he heard about while watching Squirrel Buddies during Wafflefest in 2013, Tim completed all six levels at The Hideout Theatre graduating in 2014.


The Hideout Theatre


The Hideout Theatre

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Hideout Theatre

ColdTowne Theater

The Institution Theater

The New Movement

Free Fringes


  • 46 Hour Marathon - Donations Captain 2015
  • WaffleFest Co-Producer 2015
  • 47 Hour Marathon - Donations Captain 2016

More Information

Tim can often be seen in the audience watching Flying Theatre Machine with his nephew Jack. Tim has often be overheard saying that Jack, who wants to be an Improviser, will win a Maestro before he does.

Depending on what crowd Tim is in, he has multiple nicknames including:

  • Cubbie - which he earned due to his love of the Chicago Cubs as a member of the TXRD Board Whores
  • Lil Country - while studying various martial arts, being that Tim is not exactly slim and with a longer than normal beard at the time, he resembled a smaller "Big Country" Roy Nelson
  • Sweet T - this is what his co-workers call him