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This list of Free Fringes includes all the formats for every performance of the Hideout Theatre's experimental-show slot, from the 1/5/12 inaugural show to 10/1/15.

2012 Shows

Jan 5, 2012

Drag (Jason Vines)

It's simple. Girls dress up as guys. Guys dress up as girls. Everyone plays opposite their actual gender. We get 4 guys and 4 girls in drag up on stage and do a montage. Anything goes.

The New Game Project (Roy Janik)

In shows like Maestro that feature improv games, we've got a ton of favorites that we bust out week after week. In the New Game Project we're throwing all those out of the window. We'll take names of non-existent games from the audience and invent new games on the fly. And who knows, the ones we like the best might make their way back into Maestro.

Firth & Arjet



Jan 12, 2012

Shortform Mashup (Neal Tibrewala)

Every Saturday for the past 12 years or so we have played improv games during Maestro, our most popular show... games like The Alphabet Game, No Questions, Pan Left/Pan Right, and so on. On their own they're a blast, but what happens when we combine games together? Madness, that's what. Alphabet Hell Dub? Movies Bodies Samurai Showdown? Come see the brains of improvisers get super broken.

The Floor is Lava! (Jason Vines)

This one's not that weird. Everyone improvises as normal... except the floor is lava! Improvisers have to perform on top of chairs, benches, blocks, etc... whatever they can do to keep off the floor. If they touch they floor, they die, and have to leave the scene. What?

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)

Jan 19, 2012

Ding! (Mike Kinald)

At the Hideout Theatre, we love to tell stories. Many of our shows are full length improvised plays! But we also games, like in Maestro, our most popular show. Ding! is an experiment to combine the two. Four to six improvisers will be performing a short narrative. But every time a bell rings, they pick a game (like Alphabet, scene in reverse, etc...) out a hat. They then have to *use* that game to help tell the story. Expect madness. Expect confusion. Expect a surprisingly cohesive story despite (or perhaps because of) all the challenges along the way.

Blind Montage (Amy Dietze)

There's a decently common improv format called the Bat, which is like a radio play in the dark. The lights go out and the improvisers do all the scenework using only their voices and imaginations. The Blind Montage reverses that idea and flips it around. The lights will stay on, but for the entire show, the improvisers will be blindfolded. Can two actors connect emotionally without being able to see? Can they effectively hand one another a cup? Can they avoid injury to life and limb? There's only one way to find out.

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)

Jan 26, 2012


Join the Hideout for the first ever Ladies' Night at the Free Fringe. Funny, talented ladies from all over the Austin improv scene will be converging on The Fringe to mix it up. The ladies will be divided into 3 troupes who will each decide on a format and then almost immediately perform it. Expect the energy in the air to be incredible.

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)


Feb 2, 2012


Ever wonder what Cinderella would look like if written by Dashiell Hammett? How about if The Big Bad Wolf was looking for a "Special Package" when Red came down the path? It's Grimm's Fairy Tales in the style of Film Noir. One fairy tale is retold in the style of Noir. starring: Mike Kinald, David Lampe, Jason Vines, Topping Haggerty, Halyn Lee Erickson

Tamales! (Jason Vines)

We have a large container of cooked tamales on stage. + We do improv scenes. = At least one person must be eating a tamale at all times during any given scene. Improvisers must justify why one person has their mouth full. starring: Jason Vines, Mike Kinald, Eric Heiberg, Ann Wilson, Amy Averett, Meredith Newell, Victoria Bui, John Buseman

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)

This was the premiere of their "Tomboys" format -- Firth&Arjet had planned to perform "Always a Bridesmaid", but had just bought their "Tomboys" costumes on the way to the theater, and decided they didn't want to risk staining their bridesmaid dresses with the aftermath of the "Tamales!" show.


Feb 9, 2012

The Bestiary (Thedward Blevins)

There's a pretty awesome technique/game in improv where you play your character by taking on the characteristics of animals in human form. So if you're a mouse, you might play shy but excitable. The Bestiary takes that one step further. All the characters are animals. They cannot speak human language; they can only make animal noises. starring: Brad Hawkins, Sandra Ybarra, Margaux Binder, Karen Jane DeWitt, Thedward Blevins

Spirit of Influence (Mitchell Deane)

The bareness of the improv stage is both its blessing and its curse. A few chairs, a few curtains, and our words are used to create everything in the universe. But there's so much that's unseen. In Spirit of Influence, there will be an "unseen" person who provides the characters and scenes with subtext and texture by stating these things out loud. This can be anything from granting characters emotions such as "rage" or "euphoria" to giving them specific characteristics like "allergic to peanuts" or "has Smashmouth song stuck in his head" starring: Mitchell Deane, Karen Jane DeWitt, Brandon Martin, Sam Schak, and Heidi Rogers

The Library (Justin Davis)

We all have our own unique perspective on life. No two people are the same. But what happens when all the people in a story literally come from different universes? The library is a long-form narrative show with each improviser playing from a different genre perspective. Science fiction, romance, horror, Southern gothic, quirky meet-cute indie movie, whatever. One story, multiple genres. starring: Justin Davis, Kacey Samiee, Nicole Beckley, Jon Bolden, and Karen Jane DeWitt

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)

Feb 16, 2012

Formats on Shuffle (Chris Sebilia)

On one wheel many different styles of improv. On the second wheel several different audience suggestions. We spin the wheels. *spin* *spin* *spin* Looks like we're doing an opera about Cracker Jacks. *spin* No, wait, opera has been skipped over, and now it's a VH1 Behind the Music about the life and times of Cracker Jack. 4 minutes later, we spin the wheels again. *spin* *spin* *spin*


Improv is at its most exciting when the performers are taking risks and on the edge of failure. Most of the time that means making bold choices in scenes, or showing emotional vulnerability. But sometimes you have to break out the big guns. And by guns we mean mousetraps. The stage will be scattered with mousetraps, and blindfolded improvisers will have to navigate them while doing scenes. Gimmicky? Painful? Ridculous? Yes, yes, yes. Our pain is your reward.

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)

Feb 23, 2012

Alternate Ending (Jason Oliver)

This show takes stories, books, and movies that we all know and love, and indulges in a bit of wish fulfillment. The improvisers will take suggestions for stories that are crying out to be rewritten. First, they'll perform a mostly accurate version of the original ending, and then throw the script away to find out what could have happened. These are the Director's endings, the insane endings, the just endings, the "What should have happened" endings. starring: Jason Oliver, Chuy Zarate, Arby Gonzales, Zac Grantham

Mixed Modes (Paul Normandin)

Allison is done with improv. She's decided to return to the world of scripted theatre, and she's dragging the rest of us along with her. She'll be performing the entire show with a script (only known to her), including all her lines and stage directions. Everyone else had better catch up, and make sense of whatever miscommunications happen along the way. starring: Allison Asher, Ryan Hill, Jessica Arjet, Katherine Greco, Gloria Bankler, Paul Normandin

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)

Mar 1, 2012

The Mitch-o-Scene (Jeff O'Leary)

The late, great Mitch Hedberg was a fantastic comedian: surreal, unconventional, and brilliantly insane. So what happens when a bunch of improvisers play tribute to Mitch by all pretending to be him while doing improv? Who knows. Is this idea too out there even for the extremely out there Free Fringe? Quite possibly! Starring: Andy Campbell, Ashley Carlisle, Stephanie Hagemeister, Dan Kerrigan, Jeff O'Leary, Nicole Oliver, Kevin Smith

DrunkProv (Chuy Zarate)

Speaking of questionable ideas, here's another one. There are 4 performers. There is one case of beer. The case must be completely drunk by the end of the show. Insanity prevails. starring: David Lampe, Blynch, Jessica Arjet, Chuy Zarate

(Firth & Arjet)


Mar 8, 2012

All Ladies Be Trekkin'

This is a show we could easily charge 20 dollars for, but for some reason is free. The Hideout has a rich and proud tradition of doing improvised Star Trek shows. We've had like 6 different seasons of the show (Start Trekkin') over the years. And now, for the first time, we're doing an all-ladies Start Trekkin'. Any lady who was part of any of those seasons, and still has a dress, is invited to perform. You must not miss this.

Ladies' Night Mixup

Also performing a set will be an wildly talented assortment of ladies, doing a format they decide on moments before hitting the stage. We did this a month ago, and it was an amazing night.

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)


Mar 15, 2012

Dark for SXSW

Mar 22, 2012

Google Chat Scene (Ruby Willmann)

Four improvisers, connected only through a google chat room, will perform a monoscene like no other. The google chat will be projected on the screen - three of the four improvisers will be on stage at their own computers - one will be in New York City. Together they will join forces to create a never before scene technological attempt of a monoscene. Want to learn more? Just google "awesome."

Spin the Bottle (Jason Vines)

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. * 8 improvisers get in a circle on stage and play "spin the bottle". The spinner and the spinnee then do a scene that must include a kiss. When that scene is over... Spin again! starring: Jason Vines, Dana Yanoshak, Andreas Fabis, Ruby Willmann, Luke Wallens, Ryan Austin, Kayla Lane Freeman, Heidi Rogers, and Sam Schak.

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)


Mar 29, 2012

Well Endowed (Alex Gray)

Imagine there are giant sticky notes stuck to the walls and set of the Hideout stage. On each note is written an attribute like "jealousy", "broken leg", "smelly", etc... As scenes progress, stickies are put on actors and objects, which they immediately take on as true during the scene. It's a constantly shifting, constantly revealing kaleidoscope of a world. starring: Christopher "Ceej" Allen, Cindy Page, Dave, Brad Hawkins and Jessica Arjet

Theater Talk (Nicole Beckley)

A perfect complement to Process, our current mainstage. Theater Talk gives us an episode of a fiction talk show where various "Theatre" directors are interviewed. As we delve into their minds, we also delve into their work, seeing snippets and scenes from their various plays. starring: Mitchell Deane, Christopher "Ceej" Allen, Kayla Lane Freeman, Brett Tribe, Kevin Miller, Ashley Jayne Carlisle, and Nicole Beckley

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)


Apr 4, 2012

I Saw You! (Nicole Oliver)

You know the "I Saw You"/"Missed Connections" ads that used to pop up in newspapers but now are huge on the internet? We will use a computer to randomly pick ads that people have placed on the internet like this one: I saw you, revolutionary music teacher now living in Oakland "You: brown hair, green jacket, pro-Palestine shirt, and black sunglasses, oh and I can€™t forget the brown shoulder bag. Me: IWW shirt and nothing cool on except for maybe a red star shining from my black heart. We should meet." The improvisers will then have either two choices - 1) Create that scene from the beginning of when the missed connection actually took place or 2) Create the scene from when they meet again.

Play Date! (Karen Jane DeWitt)

In this show, Karen Jane DeWitt, Kayla Lane Freeman, and Kaci Beeler act like themselves as tiny, adorable children! Who wouldn't want to see that? First, they each tell a little story about something funny that happened when they were kids. Then they take inspiration from those stories to do 3 person scenes as themselves as children. Regression therapy? Perhaps. But we're all along for the ride!

In Our Prime


Apr 19, 2012

Big Beautiful Warlock

The Better Half

Squirrel Buddies

Catchin' Frogs (The Amazon & The Milksop)

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)

Apr 26, 2012

Campfire Songs (Michael Brockman)

Folks gathered 'round a campfire, making s'mores and telling each other stories. Except the stories will all be improvised songs and the campfire will be fake (hopefully). All the warmth and joy of a communal night around the fire, with more music and fewer bugs. starring: Aden Kirschner, Jordan Maxwell, Jason Vines, Peter Rogers, Amber Franklin, and Michael Brockman

Epic Telescope (Peter Rogers and Marc Majcher)

There's a game in Maestro called Half-Life, where we do a scene in a minute, then the same scene in 30 seconds, then 15, then 7... This is the opposite of that. The brave performers will start with a 10 second scene, and re-do it longer, and longer, and longer. As Peter Rogers, one of the producers, said: "This is probably completely impossible. If it crashes and burns, I will reveal that the whole thing was Marc's (the other producer's) idea." starring: Peter Rogers, Marc Majcher, Lauren Buck, Lisa Jackson, and Josh Gill

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)


May 3, 2012

Blue Maestro

May 10, 2012

Full Moon Rises (Zac Grantham)

There is a party game called Mafia. It's popular among geeks. There is a variation of that game with werewolves instead of mafia. Essentially people are either werewolves or villagers. Every night, the werewolves kill one villager. During the day, the villagers (and werewolves) investigate and kill one person they think is a werewolf. This repeats and eventually either all the villagers die or the werewolves are killed. The Fringe version is set in a late 17th century New England village. The performers randomly draw cards to assign roles to people. The scenes take place during the day as people try to determine who the werewolves are. Murder! Supernatural intrigue! Suspense! Improv!

The Pun Show (Peter Rogers)

The annual O'Henry Pun Off is coming on May 19th. Improvisers traditionally clean up at the event, which consists of competitive punning. To prepare, Peter Rogers is putting together a show which will feature nothing but puns. It'll be groan-inducing, but impressive. You'll laugh, you'll cringe, you'll find it un-bearable. Which, if you're a bear, is a pun.

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)


May 17, 2012

My Best Fiend

Andreas Fabis & Ceej Allen

Evil Peter Rogers (Kevin Miller)

Peter Rogers: affable, witty, introverted--and above all, exceptionally nice. Or so we thought. Turns out Peter Rogers has a dark side, an EVIL side, that comes out to play at the most random of moments. This format will insert Peter Rogers, playing himself, into a variety of real-world situations. At any moment, players from the sides can tag Peter out and become Evil Peter Rogers, sabotaging the situation in any way they see fit. Peter must then re-enter the stage and attempt to justify or salvage the horrible evil thing he's just done. starring: Kevin Miller, John Buseman, Brad Hawkins, Christine Giordano, Peter Rogers

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)


May 24, 2012

(Note: this Fringe show was not performed, owing to insufficient audience.)

The Improv Bachelor (Brad Hawkins)

It's like a dating reality show, only for improv duos. There will be an improviser chosen to be the Bachelor and three or four contestants. A director sets up some scenes, and the Bachelor is paired with each of the contestants in turn. The audience judges the scenes, and the winning pairing forms a duo which is given a slot in the next Hideout schedule.

Switch-Tag Story (Mitchell Deane)

Improvising one long story is difficult enough. But what happens when the actors playing the characters keep switching? At any given point the improvisers will check in with each other and all people on stage and people in the wing will switch characters. Also at any given point, people from the wings can tag a person out and play their character. Madness.

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)

May 31, 2012

Super Team (Ryan Austin)

Super Team is improv inspired by The Avengers! What are the Avengers like when they're not saving the world? Well, maybe they bicker, maybe they're best friends, but we're catching them on a day where the world isn't in grave danger and we're watching them interact, argue, love and exist. If Joss Whedon didn't give you enough of it in the movie, we'll give you 22-25 minutes of it! cast: Andrew Pish, Brandon Martin, Nicole Beckley, Quinn Buckner, Ryan Austin

Teach a Man to Pish (Kareem Badr)

Andrew Pish recently moved to L.A., but that hasn't stopped him from being around Austin all the time. Hideout owner Kareem Badr decided to grab Pish while he could, and the two will be doing a show together.



Jun 7, 2012

Belly Mouth (Jason Vines)

This picture is all you need to know.

Gremlins (Mitchell Deane)

This may be the craziest Fringe show yet. Remember Gremlins? Remember the rules? Don't expose them to light. Don't get them wet. And never, never feed them after midnight. Well this is like that, but replace mogwai and gremlins with some random celebrity or historical figure. Ummm.... Maybe you'll just have to come see it.

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)

Jun 14, 2012

Myth Debunkers (Eric Heiberg)

An improvised version of Myth Busters, the TV Show. Does a cat always land on its feet? Will combing your hair with wedding cake make your hair grow back? Will being nice to others make you happy? Let's find out.

The Better Half of Two Guys (The Better Half and Two Guys from Yonkers)

Take the three girls from The Better Half that play boys (Regina, Ashley, and Madeline) and mix Two Guys From Yonkers, who will be playing Two Gals from Yonkers for that night. It's a gender-bending, group mashup of a Fringe show.

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)


Jun 21, 2012

Stand-upProv (Jeremy Sweetlamb)

It's a common occurrence for stand-up comics to carefully refine their acts over years of performing... tweaking the timing and words until it's a finely crafted piece. In this improvised stand-up show, that's all out the window. Each comic is given a set list that they have never seen before as they hit the stage. It might just say "The one about duck", and we'll have to figure out what that means together. They have 5 or 6 minutes to improvise their stand-up set list.

The Borrowers (Asaf Ronen)

Look, let's be honest. A lot of musicians, writers, actors, and filmmakers have spent a lot of time writing/saying/singing a lot of beautiful words. Why should we have to make up our own, when there's already perfectly good words out there ready to use? In this project, the situations and characters will be new and improvised, but the words will be... familiar. All the dialogue will be lovingly borrowed from existing movies, songs, novels, etc.. cast: Kayla Lane Freeman, Halyn Lee Erickson, Jason Vines, Jordan T. Maxwell and Asaf Ronen

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)


Jun 28, 2012

After School Improv Reunion

The cast of After School Improv, the first ever Hideout Student Mainstage, reunites for this look into the future... The After School Improv "10 year High School Reunion". We'll see how everyone has changed. The cheerleader who now has 8 kids and 5 ex-husbands. The Jock that now digs graves for a living. The nerdy guy who is now a mult-billionaire. The mousy girl who is now a supermodel and so on. The learning doesn't stop in high school, and we've all still got lessons to learn.

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)

Jul 5, 2012

Celebrity Alter-Ego (Andreas Fabis)

Yeah, yeah, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter... WHATEVER. That's only the tip of the iceberg. Come see these intrepid performers unveil the secrets of some of history's greatest women and men. Joan of Arc, volcano whisperer? Albert Einstein, werewolf counselor? starring: Peter Rogers, Topping Haggerty, Kevin Miller, Robin Anderson, and Lindsey Reeves

Audition (Alex Gray)

The next big show is casting and four hopefuls are competing for a coveted space in the production. The brilliant (some say sadistic) director has come ready to put everyone through their paces. These lucky four have come to play and play they shall...

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)

Jul 12, 2012

The debut of Mother F***kin Action Heroes! (Jason Oliver)

the nice version: Mother F***ing Action Heroes! is one part narrative improv and two parts uppercut. We bring you an original story inspired by the action hero movies of the 80's and 90's. If you have been waiting for improv based on the action hero movie genre, then your dreams are coming true. the a***ole version: Mother F***ing Action Heroes! don't do shows. MFAH shows up and audience form around us. If you feel like having your funny bone upper cutted through your a***ole, then you better damned well show up to the Hideout and get served a dish of laugh candy. Fun f***ing fact about this show: Steven Seagal showed up to the audition and tried his hand at the narrative improv based off of action hero movies from the 80's and 90's that we do around here. Cast member Jared Stepp slapped him back to Under Siege 2.

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)

Jul 19, 2012

Confessions of an Improv Class (Jon Bolden)

Jon says: "I had the same group of students from Level 1 to Level 5. By the time we closed our series of graduation shows, featuring story telling, we had a pretty cool story about ourselves. It was my first time leading students all the way through an improv program, and obviously their first experiences with improv. We thought a great way to say goodbye to a few folks that have to part ways was to have one last show using our level five format (the living room) and basing our stories on experiences with the class and how they got into improv."

The Triumphant Return of the Tech Nightmare (Cortney DeAngelo & Cindy Page)

One of the most surprisingly delightful shows of the 43 Hour Improv Marathon this year was The Tech Nightmare. Cortney and Cindy controlled the show from the booth, playing sound effects and music at random, and screwing with the lights randomly. They also dolled out punishments harshly and with evil fervor. This is also the now famous show where the audience took over the show and sang Bohemian Rhapsody in the dark. Who knows what will happen this time. A whole new crew of victims lines up for the slaughter.

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)

Jul 19, 2012

Falcon Barbecue (Drew Eiden and Mike Kauffman)

Two improvising buddies from Chicago are on a road trip. They're in two groups together in Chicago, and both went through all the classes at iO. Now they're going to try their hand at some duo improv as they see and perform at The Hideout Theatre for the very first time in The Free Fringe. Come witness the birth of... Falcon Barbecue

Sh*t Ton of Hugs (Jason Vines)

This show comes to you from the mind of the man who brought us the gender bending Drag show, The Floor is Lava, the one where people had faces on their bellies, and that one involving crumbly tamales we're never going to speak of again. This time around, it's "Sh*t Ton of Hugs". Someone must be hugging at all times for the entire show. It sounds simple, but what happens when the scene is a gunfight, or dinosaur wrestling, or a solo scene, or anything else the fevered mind of Jason Vines can think up? Is this show just an excuse for Vines to get some comfort and love without having to admit he needs a hug? It's possible. But a sh*t ton of hugs should also be a sh*t ton of fun.

Once Upon A Time (Firth & Arjet)

Aug 2, 2012

Deeply Superficial (Bob Olmstead)

Your friend is well-meaning and looking out for you, so she gives your email address to a friend of hers she thinks might be a good match for you. But the email you get from this potential partner in love not only includes a list of requirements you must meet, but ends with the sentence: "And in the name of full disclosure, I'm a deeply superficial person." What do you do in this situation? The only thing you can do. Blow her off and create an improv show based on the email. starring (so far): Jordan T. Maxwell, Kristin Firth, Cassidy Santaguida, Cortney DeAngelo

Drowning in Mitchell Deane (Brad Hawkins)

Mitchell Deane (whose real name is Granville Mitchell Deane III, or so he says), is a unique and beautiful snowflake of an improviser and a person. It can take him 30 minutes to answer a simple yes/no question, and no time at all to make you laugh hysterically. Look, the man cannot be explained, and he can definitely not be duplicated. But this show will attempt to do just that. A cast of brave improvisers will attempt to perform as Mitchell Deane. And just to spice things up, Mitchell will also be in the cast. starring: Ryan Austin, Brandon Martin, Ruby Willmann, Ryan Hill, Ellen Pittsford, Sarah Swofford, and special guest star Mitchell Deane

Mystery Format (Christopher "Ceej" Allen)

This week Firth & Arjet will be presented with a mystery format by Christopher "Ceej" Allen. They will have no idea what the format is until they step on stage.


Aug 9, 2012

Firth & Arjet Free Fringe Finale (Firth & Arjet)

Firth & Arjet has been with the Free Fringe since it began. Now Firth is leaving Austin to go to Philadelphia for school, so we're going to celebrate the duo in this final show presenting everything Firth & Arjet. During their time together they've created five custom show formats and on this special night they will present every one of those shows. There will also be guest appearances by the lady sketch troupe Confirmed Bachelors (performing Thursday will be Amy Gentry and Valerie Ward) and the master storyteller Paul Normandin.

Actor's Nightmare (Firth & Arjet)

Improv with a script! Jessica and Kristin have chosen existing two-person scripted scenes the other doesn't know about. For each scene one of them will have their scene, their lines, their blocking determined by what's written. The other one will improvise with no idea what "should" happen next.

Duologues (Firth & Arjet)

Based on an audience suggestion, Jessica and Kristin create unique characters with two simultaneous monologues. Throughout the rest of the show they alternate scenes and monologues to explore the characters and reveal their relationships. The show is theatrical in style and remains truthful even when culminating in absurd situations. Silly and Sublime, Ethereal and Grounded, Real and Outlandish.

Always a Bridesmaid (Firth & Arjet)

Tomboys (Firth & Arjet)

Once Upon a Time (Firth & Arjet)

Aug 16, 2012

Object Stories (Neal Tibrewala)

What is worth? What gives an object value? Let's find out in the most ridiculous way possible! 1. Let's take valueless objects 2. Give them value by making up stories about them 3. Auction the newly made-awesome objects off to the audience. Bring an object if you like! We'll do the legwork for you by improvising a totally untrue story all about it, and then selling it for cold, hard cash. starring: Peter Rogers, Neal Tibrewala, Troy Miller, Halyn Erickson, Valerie Ward

The New Game People! (Roy Janik)

Brand new, never before seen improv games will be invented on the spot based on audience suggestions. starring: Alex Dobrenko, Jon Bolden, Ruby Willmann, Roy Janik

In Our Prime



Aug 23, 2012

Dear Diary (Jen Kaplan)

'The "Dear Diary" idea came about when Sam Schak, Nicole Oliver, and I were hanging out one night at the Dog & Duck and got to talking about things that we used to write in our diaries when we were younger. The show will start with one or all of us reading out loud from our old diaries and doing a show inspired by those old, extremely embarrassing, real-life thoughts. I think it would make for a hilarious show, but one that's grounded in the reality of what goes on in our heads when we're young and trying to figure out life, love, etc.' starring: Jen Kaplan, Sam Schak, Nicole Oliver, and their innermost secrets

iO Summer Intensive Show (Karen Jane DeWitt)

This summer five Austin improvisors traveled to Chicago for the iO Theatre's Summer Intensive! Watch them put their five weeks of training to work in this Chicago-style show with an Austin flair. starring: Nicholas Saenz, Kayla Lane Freeman, Karen Jane DeWitt, Aaron Walther, Peter Rogers

Your Dad's Friends



Sep 6, 2012

Storybook Rhymz (Chris Sebilia)

The 7 Dwarves whistle while they work, But beatbox with Snow in their off times. Cinderella€™s stepmom is a jerk, But did you know she spits sick rhymes? The Big Bad Wolf ate a granny himself And his big bad rhymes put a Grammy on the shelf! Crass City presents Storybook Rhymz - improvised stories and rap songs by characters from your favorite tales. Cast: Chris Sebilia, Cassidy Santiago, Eric Heiberg

May I speak to Batman? (Ellen Pittsford)

Comic books only tell the exciting parts of the story. Maybe when superheroes aren't fighting evil, they take their dogs for walks. They get a beer with some buddies. They kiss their wife goodnight. And they keep their identity a SECRET. Come see what happens as our completely improvised superhero walks the line between living two lives! starring: Deano Jones, Jordan T. Maxwell, Jessie Pascarelli, and Ellen Pittsford

Animal Farm (Jessica Arjet)

Animal Farm - Swift like a Cheetah, clever like a Fox, we all have a bit of an animal in us. Now when Sarah Marie and Jessica let that animal side out, guess what happens? Two hilarious characters emerge to perform some crazy, silly, sublime stories for you. All Improv is Equal, but some is more Equal than others....

Sep 13, 2012

Ruby's Fancy Pants

Once upon a time there was a wonderful person named Ruby Willmann. And everyday Ruby loved/taught/performed Improv all over Austin and beyond. Until one day Ruby announced she was leaving for Peru in September. And all her friends flocked to the Hideout to perform with her in one more show before she left town. What show you ask? Why Ruby's Free Fringe Fancy Pants Extravaganza!!!! When & Where is the show? At the Thursday Free Fringe at the Hideout Theatre on September 13th. This will be a Fancy Pants themed show with Ruby in Every Scene. Each performer will get one scene with her to say goodbye.


Sep 20, 2012

Stretch Dumbstrong (Jason Vines)

Squishy face. Squishy body. Squishy, squishy squishy. That's all you need to know. From the man who brought you Drag, The Floor is Lava, and friggin' Tamales.

Lower Decks (Peter Rogers)

Did you know there were 428 crew members of the original Starship Enterprise under Captain Kirk. The Death Star was peopled with thousands. It was the size of a friggin' moon! The stories and movies are always made about the high-ranking officers on the bridge or the command base or whatever. The go-getters and the good-looking top brass. But what about the regular schlubs just trying to get along? What about them? What exactly goes on... in the Lower Decks? starring: Gene Zhou, Eric Heiberg, Cat Drago, Thedward Blevins, Lacy Shawn, Quinn Buckner, Brad Hawkins, Jason Oliver

In Our Prime



Sep 27, 2012

Gamers of a Certain Age (Alex Gray)

A group of older men is gathering like they have every week since high school. At first, it was to play D&D but over time it has become an excuse to get away from their lives and talk to the only people who understand them - their adventuring buddies. They're there to play the game, but can the quest be won when real life keeps getting in the way?

Tech Nightmare (Cindy Page)

Improvisers are great and all, but they have too much control over their own destiny. It's time for the true puppet masters to shine... the tech booth! For one show only, the tech booth is entirely in charge. Lighting, sound effects, and music are all played at their whim, and the improvisers don't play along, they are severely punished.

Politiprov: (Your Dad's Friends)

It's time for some timely, relevant improv. Your Dad's Friends takes us behind the scenes of two warring political campaigns. We won't know what the issue is until the audience decides, but it's bound to be contentious. The drama is intense, the stakes are high, and the fate of humanity (or some small town's curfew hours) hangs in the balance!

Oct 4, 2012

Gamers of a Certain Age (Mike Nystul)

A group of older men is gathering like they have every week since high school. At first, it was to play D&D but over time it has become an excuse to get away from their lives and talk to the only people who understand them - their adventuring buddies. They're there to play the game, but can the quest be won when real life keeps getting in the way?

A Thoroughly Modern Lady in King Arthur's Court (Scott Hearne)

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, except...instead of a man from the 19th century, a woman from the 21st Century is transported to King Arthur's Court. Magic, intrigue, costumes...Madness ensues!

Animal Farm

Swift like a Cheetah, clever like a Fox, we all have a bit of an animal in us. Now Sarah Marie Curry and Jessica Arjet let that animal side out, guess what happens? Two hilarious characters emerge to perform some crazy, silly, sublime stories for you. All Improv is Equal, but some is more Equal than others....

Oct 11, 2012


Join the Hideout for the third ever Ladies Night at the Free Fringe. Funny, talented ladies from all over the Austin improv scene will be converging on The Fringe to mix it up. The ladies will be divided into 3 troupes who will each decide on a format and then almost immediately perform it. Expect the energy in the air to be incredible.

Oct 18, 2012

You, Only Better (Eric Heiberg)

In improv, we often use the audience to help come with with words or titles to help inspire our shows. But in "You, Only Better" we're going to take the lives of two audience members and create highly-fictionalized books/movies based on their lives. Then we'll see the amazing mashup that occurs when those two stories are combined. Will the fictional version of your life reflect your actual life at all? Will you like it more or less? There's only one way to find out.

The Great Debate (Paul Normandin)

Let's face it, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the politicians on either side of the political fence. And during a debate, it's hard to tell who's winning and who is losing. To know how to feel, we need to listen to the spin. That's what we're here for. This show will present and improvised debate, but throughout, a panel of experts with wildly different perspectives will tell us how we should feel. Trust us, it's better this way.

In Our Prime



Oct 25, 2012

Tech Nightmare (Cindy Page)

This show was birthed in the insanity of the 43 Hour Marathon. The tech booth is put in complete charge of the show, AS THEY SHOULD BE ALL THE TIME. Sound effects, lights, and music all change on their whim. And if the performers don't do what they're told, they are PUNISHED.

Happy, Healthy, Funky (or, You Should Be Dancing) (Kat Greco)

One of the principles of improv taught at The Hideout is to be "happy, healthy, sexy." That is, let your character be someone whom others would want to hang out with or someone others are at least interested in. Make connections with other characters. Make bold choices and stick to them. Is there any type of music that embodies the spirit of "happy, health, sexy" more than funk? Think about it. Funk quickens the senses, lightens the spirit, inspires confidence and forges joyous connections between people on the dance floor. It's powerful stuff! But can funk inspire happier, healthier, sexier improv? In tonight's show, we'll find out! Periodically we will pause our show for a funky dance break. When we're done, we'll pick up where we left off with a new sense of vigor, purpose, confidence and connection.

Your Dad's Friends


Nov 1, 2012

Ralph Rogers

Look, just trust us on this one. We play-tested it, and it's hilarious. A scene cannot end unless Peter Rogers utters the line "Hey Guys, there's a lot of vomit out there." TRUST US.

Jessica and Peter

It's a Peter Rogers double-header, as Jessica Arjet and Peter combine forces to unleash their duo power on the world.


A series of 3 vignettes, all about intimacy and relationships. With Andreas Fabis, Dana Yanoshak, and Jessica Arjet.


Nov 8, 2012

Nothing is known about this apart from that it was the Wafflefest [Free Fringe].


Nov 15, 2012


NaNoWriMo Special National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing on November 1. The goal is to write a 50,000-word (approximately 175-page) novel by 11:59:59 PM on November 30. In this very special fringe, we'll be interviewing six different authors about their works in progress, hearing an excerpt from their stories, and then improvising as yet unwritten scenes to help figure out what comes next. This should be an exciting blend of literature and improv. The authors: Justin Davis, Gloria Bankler, Jessie Pascarelli, Cindy Page , Ruby Willmann (via Skype from Peru!), and Kareem Badr

In Our Prime



Nov 29, 2012

Plaid Boys (Kayla Lane Freeman)

There is a troupe called Bad Boys made up some some funny dudes. They're smart, they tend to wester Western style shirts, and they all have classes. This is not that troupe. It may resemble that troupe in both content and form, but look closely and you'll notice some rather significant differences.

Improv Saved My Life (Jason Vines)

Improv saved their life. This is their story.

Your Dad's Friends


Dec 6, 2012

Lovecraft Secrets

In what will hopefully become a Hideout tradition, we're mashing up the two most recent Hideout Mainstage shows... The Black Vault (improvised horror inspired by H.P. Lovecraft) and Austin Secrets. To that end, we give you Lovecraft Secrets. On the surface it has the form of Austin Secrets... a personal exploration of the secrets that people hold near and dear to their hearts and that inform their everyday humanity. But these secrets... are a little... darker... (and hopefully a little faker) curators: Marc Majcher (The Black Vault director) & Roy Janik (Austin Secrets director); tech: Cindy Page; cast: Justin Davis, Brad Hawkins, Andreas Fabis, Emily Breedlove, Jayme Ramsay, Jessica Arjet, Kareem Badr, Peter Rogers, Paul Normandin, and Kaci Beeler

Parents and Kids

Parent and child is one of the closest relationships in the human experience. But could you imagine doing improv with your parent...or your child? Thursday night 4 brave improvisors will take the stage with their improviser children. Can it work? Can awesome improv withstand the parent/child bond? Let's find out. Starring: Kristin Henn and Charlotte; Jessica Arjet and Catherine Arjet; Ryan Hill and Dean Palm; Anna Lattka and Tamara


Dec 13, 2012

The Twelve Scenes of Christmas (Jon Bolden)

We all know that The 12 Days of Christmas is the best Christmas song. That fact is not up for debate. Exhibit A: 5 GOLLLLLDDDEEEENNNN RINGS. Case closed. It is therefore hoped that The Twelve Scenes of Christmas will be the best improv show ever. There will be 12 scenes. The first scene will involve 12 people, the second scene will have 11, etc, etc... all the way down to the pear tree. Starring (so far): Caitlin Sweetlamb, Michael Joplin, Jon Bolden, Lisa Jackson, Mia Iseman, Andy Buck, Adam Trabka, Courtney Hopkin, Peter Rogers, Marc Majcher, Ryan Austin

Merry Xmas Tech Nightmare (Cortney DeAngelo)

The ever popular Tech Nightmare returns. Ordinarily the people on stage call the shots, but in this show the tech booth has taken over. The performers are utterly at their mercy... and if they don't do exactly what they're told, they are punished. This time with a Christmas flair! Strange and sometimes otherworldly Christmas songs will inform the nightmare landscape of the show.

Jessica and Alex (Jessica Arjet)

Jessica invites her friend Alexander Hilary to join her for an intense 2 person improv show.


Dec 20, 2012

The Show with the Snake (Roy Danger)

Someone dropped a 10 ft. snake thingy off at the Hideout. Have a look to the right. What little explanation we got was that they made it as part of a crazy scavenger hunt. After photographing it, they had no need for it, so naturally they gave it to us. Thank you. We are going to do one show with it, The Show with the Snake. And then at the end of the show, we'll give it to one lucky audience member. starring: Claudio Fox, Ramsey Mourad, Caeriel Crestin, Mitchell Deane, Bryan Roberts, Justin Davis, Neal Tibrewala, and Roy Danger

Downton 2121 (Andy Buck)

Downton Abbey jumps to the year 2121. Stately English manor drama meets the distant future. Ray guns heat tea. Robot stable boys. Holograms eavesdropping on the scullery maids. starring: Mia Iseman, Andy Buck, Karen Jane DeWitt, Luke Wallens, Colin Thomas Bates, Katie Thornton, and Courtney Hopkin

In Our Prime



Dec 27, 2012

Preacher Roommate Detective Squad (Mitchell Deane)

They are preachers. They are roommates. They are freelance detectives. They are... the Preacher Roommate Detective Squad. starring: Mitchell Deane, Christopher "Ceej" Allen, Kevin Miller, Claudio Fox, Scott Hearne

Expectoratin' with Julie Gillis (Julie Gillis)

We've all got things we want to get off our chest... fears, secrets, pet peeves, aliens, and mucus. This show is about that. With Julie Gillis. starring: Kevin Miller, Jordan T. Maxwell, Ashlee Medlin, Marc Majcher

Your Dad's Friends


2013 Shows

Jan 3, 2013

Austin Free Hug Day Adventure (Sandra Ybarra)

Scenes inspired by the experiences of local improvisers who braved the rain and cold weather to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. Everyone needs a hug. Come feel the change. starring: Adriane Shown, Cassidy Santaguida, Christopher Sebilia, Luke Wallens, Ryan Hill, Sandra Ybarra, and Victoria Hawthorne

It's a Wonderful Resolution (Travis Devitt)

New Years resolutions are notoriously difficult to actually carry out and most people fail at them. We'll be getting actual New Years resolutions from the audience and do an improvised set of scenes based on what life will be like for the audience member if they actually stick with their resolution. starring: Travis Devitt, Ryan Austin, Luke Wallens, Heidi Rogers, Brandon Martin, and Kim Dilling

Once Upon a Time (Firth & Arjet)


Jan 10, 2013

Mystery Project (Jason Vines)

We have no idea what Jason Vines is up to this week. But this is the man who brought us Drag!, The Floor is Lava, Sh*t Ton of Hugs, and the infamous Tamales. We only requested that he not make a mess (see: Tamales). Other than that, it's wide open.

What Are You Scared of? (Gloria Bankler)

It's a chain of intimidation. One improviser invites another improviser they're scared to perform with to do a scene with them. They in turn, have invited someone else... and so on. Will we learn a lot about human nature? it's entirely possible.

Blue Monsters! (<redacted>)

Okay - First thing is that monsters don't believe in humans. If you don't get that the whole show falls apart. Also you should know that monsters have families - of course they have families - otherwise where would baby monsters come from. Third if you happen to be playing this show for kids at some random, unnamed theater, for two months, then maybe you have some ideas, thoughts, or curse words that you'd never say in front of kids, but geez do you wanna pull that stuff out once in awhile. So this Thursday, in the Free Fringe, a bunch of people who perform for kids at an unnamed theater, in an unnamed weekly kids show, will let it all hang out. If you ever wondered what monsters are really like - this is your opportunity.

Jan 17, 2013

The Fellowship of The Fringe (Paul Normandin)

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most-read and most cherished books of all time. So maybe all the elves and wizards and giant eagles and the painstaking attention to detail have something to do with that... But we suspect it's really about the story structure. In this show, we'll take the basic, classic setup and improvise the details on top of it. A band of variously skilled individuals comes together to destroy a great evil. Except maybe this time instead of taking The One Ring to Mount Doom, they're taking a particularly stale baggette to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Actually, let's hope it's something a little cooler than that. But that's in your hands, audience!

In Our Prime


Jan 24, 2013

This is a very special Free Fringe. It's the Free Fringe Festival, in fact! Instead of one or two experiments, we're going to do a whole bunch of 'em... for about 5 minutes each.

Watching us Watching (Mike Nystul)

Watch us watching some improv. Sometimes the audience is as entertaining as the performers.

Fast and Furiously Missing (Cassidy Santaguida)

The premise is that Vin Diesel has invited himself to be in Furiously Missing and we couldn't say no. Special guest star: Vin Diesel, and he always plays himself.

5 Minute Dinner Party (Jason Vines)

Jason Vines, Sarah Swofford and Taylor Overstreet had dinner together tonight. They will perform an improvised format they came up with at dinner. Enjoy!

Clown 101 (Thedward Blevins)

Fresh from Deanna Flysher's 3 day Naked Comedy intensive, these brave clowns in training bare it all on stage.

Awkward Silence (Cindy Page)

Thirty seconds of silence is a nice way to start a two-person scene, but what happens when you stretch thirty seconds to three minutes, and two people to a crowd of six?

= Viking Improv (Chad Wellington)=

The scene above was stolen by a band of marauding vikings who really like this improv thing but really only know how to pillage.

Left Wing Poultry (Amy Carpenter)

Chicken and human performers come together for a longform improv show that is sometimes political, sometimes controversial, yet always heartwarming.

Everything is Bigger (Sandra Ybarra)

We only got 5 minutes to make something good happen so we go to go big...the sky is the limit.

Mad Tea Party (Brad Hawkins)

Each chair has a property that affects the characters, and the characters keep changing seats.

TBD (Chuy Zarate)

Arcie Cola in da House! (Arcie Cola)

"I won't need nothin but a light on the stage."

Plus projects by Andy Buck and Madeline Jo Chauvin!

Jan 31, 2013

Vin Diagram (Kevin Miller)

A one man cop buddy flick in 10 minutes. Vin Diesel is Detective Nick Chowder, a one man wrecking crew. Prince is a beat cop who just got his new assignment to detective. These two must find a way to use their vastly different styles in post-apocalyptic Minneapolis. This is a one man show that cannot be missed! starring: Kevin Miller

Starborn (Ryan Austin)

Hey Starchild. Let's be David Bowie humanoid space aliens. We will leave our home planet of Kanamite 12 to visit Earth and prepare it for our occupancy. We will heal the planet with our superior technology, telepathy, and beauty. We will talk to its inhabitants, we will rid them of their self-imposed obstacles (using our technology, telepethy, and legends of our home world). They will be our slaves. We are SOOOO much better than them. We are the starborn, 12th tribe of the 12 tribes of Kanamite. Starring: Mia Iseman and Ryan Austin

Your Dad's Friends



Feb 7, 2013

Taxi Cab Impressions (Brent Unger)

A chance encounter with a perfect stranger can sometimes take you to places you never expected. The stranger you meet could be an angel in disguise. Or a demon. Hailing a taxi is a prime example. You're entrusting your life to a perfect stranger to take you safely to your destination. Taxi Cab Impressions will take you on a journey. Where it goes, nobody knows. starring: Ryan Hill, Heidi Rogers, Andreas Fabis, Mike Nystul, Kevin Miller, Chuy Zarate, Jessica Arjet, Brad Hawkins, and Brent Unger

Hugprov (Karen Jane DeWitt)

"With the help of some undetermined guests, we will do some hug-centric games and scenes that will razzle and dazzle your Thursday night crowd. There will be awwwws. There will be oooohs and there might be some eeeeeeews." starring: Karen Jane DeWitt and Eric Heiberg

Jessica Arjet and Chuy Zarate


Feb 21, 2013

Bob's 50th (Bob Olmstead)

One life, so many people that change it, move it, make it better and sometimes make it much worse worse. All heroes do not wear Tights and Capes. This tale will be of the unsung heroes of plain pants and simple blouses that change our lives every day. This show is tribute to the everyday person that performs a heroic act in our life. Follow our single, adult male encountering 50 as he encounters people that have affected his life.

Blind Date (Sandra Ybarra)

Regina Soto and Madeline Jo Chauvin wondered why dating is so awkward but acting ridiculous onstage comes naturally. So they thought....what if they had blind dates onstage? So with the help of "man-wrangler" Sandra Ybarra, and the support of the improv community, Regina and Madeline harassed their friends to find them blind dates. They won't see the dates until they get on the stage, and won't know anything about them. Of course, there's always the chance that nobody will show up...which means Regina and Madeline will have to, well, improvise.

In Our Prime



Feb 28, 2013

Teach a Man to Fischer

An opening set to cleanse the palate. Nothing too shocking about this show, just friends who haven't gotten to improvise together in a while. starring: Terrill Fischer, Roy Janik, Peter Rogers

Waiting for Batman (Eric Heiberg)

It's 1964. Commissioner Gordon (Curtis Luciani) and Chief O'Hara (Eric Heiberg) have come against yet another dubious crime from a criminal mastermind. Once again, they are stumped and have called Batman on the Bat-phone. Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara discuss life, crime, and each other's wives while Batman is making his 22 minute journey to the Commissioner's office.

Off Book (Gloria Bankler)

One improviser has memorized lines from a scene that the other improviser has no clue of. The on-book improviser never deviates from the script. The improviser, well... improvises!

Your Dad's Friends



Mar 7, 2013

Fandom Redux

Fandom, The Hideout's mainstage show from January and February to tackle fictional worlds that didn't make it into the initial run. What will they take on now that they've already done Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and so on? They don't know! But one of them will definitely be Ghostbusters. And one of them will definitely be an audience choice. This show sold out its run at 12 dollars a ticket. This time it's free, so get your ticket online ahead of time.


Mar 14, 2013

Dark for SXSW

Mar 21, 2013

What Are You Scared Of? (Gloria Bankler)

It's a chain of intimidation. One improviser invites another improviser they're scared to perform with to do a scene with them. They in turn, have invited someone else... and so on. Will we learn a lot about human nature? it's entirely possible.

Chris Allen's 10 Year Improversary (Chris Allen)

He's been a staple of the Austin Improv scene for, well, exactly 10 years! And now he's going to celebrate. Whether you know him as Chris Allen, C.J., Ceej or the unspellable sound of a throat clearing, this is the show for you.

In Our Prime


Mar 28, 2013

Heiberg Heiberg Heiberg (Courtney Hopkin)

Eric Heiberg has been a mover and shaker and hugger and force of goodwill in the Austin improv community for years and years now. But in just a few days, he's leaving our fair city for Minneapolis. This show is his 57th last hurrah.

"It's Always Sunny In Austin, Texas" (Kareem Badr)

Awful people with terrible ideas that, when executed, lead to utter chaos. It's a wonderful world. And yes, Eric Heiberg is in it.

Your Dad's Friends featuring guest star Eric Heiberg



Apr 4, 2013

Kat Improvises (Scott Hearne)

Stand up comic Kat Ramzinski, has never done improv before, but there's a first time for everything . In tonight's Free Fringe, Kat will be thrown head first into the fray with a group of experienced improvisers. So what happens when a stand up comic with zero improv background sits in with an improv group? Wonderful chaos.

Our Friends From Across the Pond (Kaci Beeler)

Jules and Heather are fantastic improvisers from the United Kingdom. They've come all this way to be a part of the Improvised Play Festival. In the meantime, we're keeping them busy by throwing them into shows. In this show they will be foregoing their heritage and playing Americans the whole time. And the Americans performing in the show... will play British people.

Jessica Arjet and Clifton Highfield


Apr 11, 2013

Overdirection Overthruster (Thedward Blevins)

Too many directors and too much direction. Multiple directors simultaneously: directing the same scene physically rearranging players putting dialog in their mouths telling them how they feel making them rewind.

P.A.L.S. (Brently Heilbron)

Improvised "Super group" Watchmen influenced dark super-hero league. P.A.L.S... which stands for a number of things depending on who you ask.

In Our Prime


Apr 25, 2013

Twenty Minutes of Hosting (Peter Rogers)

The time has come for the fine art of hosting to get recognized as being worthy in its own right. Peter Rogers and Marc Majcher host the top of an improv show for 20 solid minutes.

The Imaginary Show (Kevin Miller)

Whatever imaginary show Peter and Marc wind up introducing at the end of their 20 minute hosting set is the show that Kevin and Company will attempt to do. ANYTHING could happen.

Your Dad's Friends



May 2, 2013

Deane Martin (Brandon Martin)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to hang around a group of very successful lounge singers from the 50's-60's era? How much scotch, cigars, and philandering might go on amongst celebrity friends? Let's find out in "Deane Martin, a look into the lounge"

Theatersports for Non-Improvisers (Roy Janik)

Theatresports debuts this Saturday at the Hideout, but before that happens some of the cast is going to cut loose in the Fringe. Two teams can challenge each other to anything at all, so long as it does NOT involve an improv scene or game. Most push-ups? Best hug? We shall see!

Jessica Arjet & Lisa Jackson


May 9, 2013

Sing Along (Amanda Hinsman)

We want to jump up and sing whatever song might pop into our heads and we want you to sing along! Scenes inspired by such glory will hence commence. If you are a fan of the song pop app, pitch perfect, or constantly switching radio stations this is your show. starring: Lindsay Hejl, Blake Rienhart, Seth Johnson, Tim Stiefler, Jennifer Brinlee, Jillian Summar, and Amanda Hinsman

Romance in the Raw (Courtney DeAngelo)

Romance blossoms! Love between people is always different and sometimes, quite spontaneous. A fearless look at love with quiet intensity, passion, and probably some humor.

Jessica Arjet & Mike Nystul


May 16, 2013


Time to take the comedy out of improv, am I right? Kill the laughs and bring on the tears. We'll have three troupes perform tragedy.


known for this format, serious and dark.

The Awkwards

They take their usual funny quirky tone, and let it have dark consequences.

In Our Prime


May 23, 2013

The Slappy Sessions, Live! (David Moses Fruchter)

A live honest to goodness recording of guided improvisation and interviews for use on the KOOP radio show "Slappy Pinchbottom's Odd Preoccupation." Not to be missed.

Pick Your Own Black Vault (Peter Rogers)

The Black Vault meets Pick Your Own Path. Come control a spontaneously created Lovecraftian horror story, Choose Your Own Adventure style. If you die you can go back, but you can never forget.

Jessica Arjet & Tyler Bryce



May 30, 2013

Infotainment (Brad Smith)

Infotainment! Our cast of experts will amaze and inform you by answering questions (correctly or otherwise) in our various areas of expertise. Then comes the shocking conclusion when we bring it all together! starring: Anna Giacomo, Brad Smith, Vicky Vegh, Brett Weaver, Noah Wright, and Patrick Yonkin; hosted by Jessica von Schramm

World of Typos (Asaf Ronen)

Many improvisers are writers and many writers notice the typos that squeeze through and end up on menus, on signs, in magazine articles. And many improviser/writers imagine the world where those would be typos, where a diner would offer Fred Eggs, where quotation marks are thrown about willy nilly. starring: Justin Davis, Lisa Jackson, Jeanette Jones, Ted Meredith, and Asaf Ronen.

Your Dad's Friends


Jun 6, 2013

TeacherProv (Mia Iseman)

Inspired by real classroom stories, these actual teachers will give you an education – IN COMEDY. Cast: Ashley Jayne Carlisle, Caitlin Sweetlamb, David Lampe, Jayme Ramsay, Jeremy Sweetlamb, Mia Iseman

Bueler, Bueler? (Andrew Buck)

Andrew picks one person from the audience… a person who has no improv training, and does a show with them.

Jessica & Marc (Jessica Arjet)

Jun 13, 2013

Welcome Back Ruby Willmann Show (Ruby Willmann)

Ruby presents anecdotes from her six-month stint in South America, and improvisors use those stories to inspire scenes. Cast: Christopher Allen, Sam Schak, Jessica Arjet, Bridget Brewer, Caeriel Crestin, Andrew Buck, Lindsey Reeves, Paul Normandin, Alex Dobrenko, Andreas Fabis.

Jun 20, 2013


Every character wants something and there is usually something they don't want. We are going to assign those things at random and watch as the cast tries to navigate their way through the resulting story. No one knows what anyone else was assigned and everyone has to try to get what they want by the end of the show. It is very likely that they will fail but the process of watching them struggle is half the fun!

Mike Nystul, Jessica Arjet, David Lampe, Brad Hawkins, Topping Haggerty, Chad Wellington

First and Last

Stories without all the boring bits in the middle. We see the opening and ending scenes of several improvised tales.

Jeanette Jones, Bridget Brewer, Andrew Robinson, Jessica Brooks Allen, and Peter.

In Our Prime


Jun 27, 2013

Cool Clown School

Inspired by Deanna Fleysher's "Naked Comedy" Workshop, these brave imps will present and improvised clowning show by exploring physical comedy with minimal to no speech.

Can It Be Done?!?

Starring: Luke Wallens, Content Love Knowles, Sam Schak, and Thedward Blevins

Bald Men

The Bald Men of Austin Improv perform as monks

Your Dad's Friends


Jul 11, 2013

The Audition

Get a harrowing and hilarious look at the inside world of the actor. The audition process can be a frustrating, exhilarating process. This show focuses around a group of people before, during, and after an audition. Inspired by ACTUAL events!

Starring: Sam Schak, Aaron Saenz, Jeanette Jones, Caeriel Crestin, and Marc Majcher

Dexterprov (Andrew Buck)

Dexterprov tells a never-before-seen and never-before-written episode of the serial killer drama Dexter. Who will kill whom? Will Dexter get caught at his dangerous game? Will Deb act on her brotherly love? Who will the newest serial killer be? Will Batista ever stop wearing that dumb hat? All of these questions -- and one or two more -- will be answered in this completely improvised show.

Jessica Arjet and Caitlin Sweetlamb


July 18, 2013

Ceej and Arthur Hate the Papparazi (Arthur Simone and Ceej Allen)

Arthur Simone and Ceej Allen, three veteran award-winning improvisers, have only one photograph of them together on stage. They like it like that.

On this bedazzling night of improv euphoria, staff photographers and the audience are encouraged to snap away as many photos of the duo performing their brands of absurdist reality...just to piss them off. Bring your cameras. Bring your shades. Bring your tag-happy fingers.

(Yes, three improvisers... Cuz they be absurd). :)

Brnnr x Facebook Vs. Improv (Wayne Alan Brenner)

Wayne Alan Brenner is well known for his articles, interviews, listings, and reviews in the Arts section of the Austin Chronicle, and also for being the most well-connected man in the city.

But he's only slightly less well known for this: his absurd, poignant, head-scratching, saliva-inducing, poetic, ridiculous, mysterious Facebook posts.

On this night he'll share a specially curated selection of his favorites, and his hapless cast of improvisers will have to do their best to make sense out of it all.

Starring: Kareem Badr, Valerie Ward, Claudio Fox, Jon Bolden, Craig Kotfas, Halyn Lee Erickson, Jayme Ramsey, Marc Majcher, Ace Manning, and Andreas Fabis.

In Our Prime



July 25, 2013

Exquisite Corpse

Remember drawing those exquisite corpse drawings when you were a kid? Your friend drew the head, then you took turns drawing the next part while only being able to see the very bottom of what had come before. We'll do the improv equivalent. Three teams will tell a story but each subsequent team will only know a tiny piece of what's already happened -- beautiful chaos ensues!

Cast: Caeriel Crestin, Cassidy Santaguida, Chris Sebilia, David Lampe, David Ronn, Gloria Bankler, Jen Kaplan, Ryan Hill, Sam Schak

Improv Slam!

Four troupes. Ten minutes each. Five random audience members with score cards. The first ever Improv Slam is this Thursday night at the Free Fringe.

Competing troupes:

Your Dad's Friends


August 1, 2013

Searching For A Dave (Asaf Ronen)

TJ & Dave are considered the best improv duo out there and ever since Asaf Ronen got involved on their documentary, he's been wanting to find his improv soulmate. If he were to be TJ, who would be his Dave?

Asaf has invited three contenders to join him in a two-person set: Dave Buckman, Kareem Badr, and Courtney Hopkin, with the audience deciding who the better match is at the end.

August 8, 2013

Topping Has Two Dads (Topping Haggerty)

Cole, Topping and I were driving back from Oklahoma and decided that we should put up a sitcom where Topping is the child. She never gets what she wants and Cole and I probably end up divorced.

Starring: Chuy Zarate, Cole, and Topping Haggerty

Ryan Austin Secrets (Ryan Austin)

Ryan Austin shares some intimate details of his life, which will inspire the scenes the performers act out. He can call scene at any time and share a new secret to start the next scene. Are these secrets real? Are they true? He swears they are. Who knows what we might learn about homeschooling, hip hop, Dakota Fanning or designated driving.

Jessica Arjet and Jordan T. Maxwell


August 15, 2013

The Wedding Toast (Jessie Pascarelli)

A wedding is a meticulously-orchestrated affair. Every last detail is planned out, sometimes years in advance.

But the wedding toast is another matter. Mix together heightened emotions, deep-seated jealousy, and copious amounts of champagne, and you've got a cocktail recipe for disaster.

This show is a wedding toast (or maybe a series of toasts) of epic proportions.

On Trial (Justin Davis)

All the drama of the courtroom, on stage.

In Our Prime



August 22, 2013

Diesel Dreams and a Cup of Joe: Improvised Tom Waits (Ceej Allen)

We sail tonight to Singapore to improvise stories, songs and scenes inspired by the world of eccentric musician and storyteller Tom Waits. Kareem Badr, Marc Majcher, Jayme Ramsay, Brad Hawkins, Heidi Rogers, Ceej Allen and musical improvisers Craig Kotfas and Joseph Dailey invite you underground where rust and tattooed tears are currency. Come and tango 'til you're sore. We're all as mad as hatters here.

Fluffy Bunny Tea Party Live! (Marc Majcher)

Marc Majcher made a card game about fluffy bunnies having tea, and politely foisting desserts on one another. It's awesome.

And now it's live, improvised on stage!

The Escorts



September 5, 2013

Shatner! (Cortney DeAngelo)

Based on the Facebook Meme that says, "Anytime someone yells 'Shatner!' you must immediately over-act whatever you're doing." No Shatner Impressions!

Cast: Halyn Lee Erickson, Dana Yanoshak, Heidi Rogers, David Lampe, Kevin Miller, and Chad Wellington

210° (David Lampe)

It's an infinite chain of character scenes, starring only two people.

Cast: David Lampe and Kevin Miller

Jessica Arjet and Andreas Fabis


September 12, 2013

Difficult Loves (Ceej Allen)

Life is complicated. Love is even more complicated. For FBI Frog and Flower Fairy it's just a mess.

Toss in a Billy Pilgramesque narrative that shifts through time and space and see how their relationship ebbs and flows between connection and disintegration. Imagine randomly flipping through a photo album that encapsulates an entire relationship from childhood through old age.

Difficult Love is a format inspired by a show from Phoenix, Arizona improv duo Wedding Party (Jacque Arend and Sam Haldiman). Ceej Allen and Halyn Lee Erickson are curious themselves to experience the beauty and heartache that transpire.

Cast: Ceej Allen and Halyn Lee Erickson.

Drunk Ryan (Ryan Austin)

Ryan Austin is a helluva a man. Always sharply dressed. Always polite. But what happens when you get him super drunk and make him do improv? We're as curious as you are.

Cast: The Escorts and Ryan Austin.

Jessica Arjet and Brently Heilbron



September 19, 2013

Chu By Four (Chuy Zarate)

Look, Chuy Zarate is an amazing improviser. A mainstay of the Austin Improv scene for years, the man is a comedy chameleon. He can play wacky, sensitive, insane, real... whatever.

And in this Fringe he's going to play four times.... four duos with performers chosen lottery style from the audience. If you're an improviser and always wanted to play with Chuy, this could be your lucky night!

In Our Prime


September 26, 2013

Geppetto's Workshop (Thedward Blevins)

The audience arranges all the players in an opening tableau; Each scene begins with a subset of the players in their tableau positions.

The Cat is Not Amused! (Cat Drago and Cindy Page)

Cat Drago is in the hospital. We all love her. So she is going to attempt to run this show via Skype. She is completely and utterly in charge. Get better soon, Cat!

Your Dad's Friends

Headliners, presenting "Back in My Day".

October 3, 2013

BFFs (Ryan Austin)

They say that the more connected you are, the better your improv is. And although troupes spend a lot of time together, short of being the best friends ever for a decade, you'll never achieve that ultimate connection.

But what if your best friend in the whole world, with whom you have the kind of friendship that's so rare not everyone gets to experience it; The most psychic, bromantic, sweet and simultaneously weird/creepy connection; What if you did improv with THAT person? But WHAT IF they weren't an improvisor?

Ryan Austin takes the stage with his best friend, roommate, co-worker, and emergency contact Drew Wolber to find out if together, their connection is enough to produce THE GREATEST IMPROV EVER.

Ryan has graduated improv at the Hideout. Drew has been to the Hideout.

Starring: Ryan Austin and Drew Wobler

What's Your Damage, Regina? (Nicole Oliver)

A hilarious take on mean girl movies such as Heathers, Jawbreaker and of course Mean Girls.

Starring: Jeanette Jones, Sam Schak, Jen Kaplan, Sarah Swofford, and Nicole Oliver.

Jessica Arjet and Asaf Ronen


October 10, 2013

Ladies' Night!

Your favorite female performers in bold new combinations!

October 17, 2013

Last Name Bonanza (Ruby Willmann)

Two improvisers combine their last names and then use those last names to inspire two characters who are married and then we see a slice of life. The improvisers would be chosen at random, and then three combination options are given and the audience chooses the best one.

Starring: Cat Drago, Caeriel Crestin, Dean Palm, Taylor Overstreet, Ryan Austin, Sam Schak, Jennifer Kaplan, Ruby Willmann.

There Will Be Cake (Jo Chauvin)

Jo Chauvin, Regina Soto, and Sandra Ybarra recently had birthdays and want to celebrate with you! Come see Jo, Regina, and Sandra play with their alter-egos: Caeriel Crestin, Claudio Fox, and Paul Normandin. We're expecting mayhem! Pandemonium! Insanity! And there will be cake!

In Our Prime


October 24, 2013

Scrabble (Heidi Rogers)

Using the classic game of Scrabble to inspire improv!

Invisible Man (Lacy Shawn)

The audience helps build and create the main character of the show. Then that character is IN every scene, but is not played by any performer. Hence, they are invisible.

Starring: Various

Invisible Man (Lacy Shawn)

The audience helps build and create the main character of the show. Then that character is IN every scene, but is not played by any performer. Hence, they are invisible.

Starring: Various

Marbles (Ryan Millar [From Amsterdam!])

Marbles is "open-source" improv; a free-and-easy solo format where anything can happen.

It usually involves chats with the audience, sometimes guest players (from seasoned veterans to innocent audience members), and always features Ryan riffing on it all through improvised stories, scenarios and characters.

Starring: Ryan Millar

Jessica Arjet and Aaron Saenz


November 7, 2013

20 Years and Counting... (Chuy Zarate)

"My wife and I have been together forever... We have been through most things that other couples fret about. We will help couples be better at being couples by our improv!"

Super Special Guest (Amber Nash)

Amber Nash, the voice of Pam Poovy on Archer, is in town for Archer Live! Fortunately for us, she's also a badass improviser from Dad's Garage in Atlanta, GA. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a show with her.

Starring: Amber Nash, Shannon McCormick, Ruby Willmann, Troy Miller, Kareem Badr

Jessica Arjet, Chuy Zarate, and Tyler Bryce


November 14, 2013

Inner Demon (Halyn Lee Erickson)

Halyn Lee Erickson alone with her demons. (she's done scenes like this in Maestro before, but those were 2 minutes long. What trouble will she get into in a full length show?)

Starring: Halyn and her demons.

The Gloom Corps (Barrett Phelan)

1988. Hallandale, Florida. The original Limelight goth club burned down. An electrical fire claimed the lives of these kids. Just three nights shy of their first gig. Eternally damned to entertain. To your delight and their disdain. Angsty, gothic, and unscripted. Behold the set list as it's written! If, by chance, you are offended... you are probably old.

Jessica Arjet and Aden Kirschner


December 5, 2013

Franz and Dave Improvise (Chris Allen)

Franz Kafka and David Lynch are two of the great creative powerhouses over the last one hundred years. Their respective books and films have inspired artists over the last century. Now, together, they are tackling their greatest challenge ever: improv comedy. Come see what they learned after taking classes at The Hideout Theatre.

Love Is Blind (Ryan Hill and Thedward Blevins)

Every year at an annual potluck, improvisers in Austin write each other 'love notes', little notes with nice things to say about each other. This is true.

Like all things, these love notes will now be used to inspire improv. Come see these notes turned into fuel for games and scenes.

My Best Fiend mit Jessica Arjet



December 12, 2013

Holiday Commercial Break (Courtney Hopkin)

There's nothing quite like holiday commercials. Gap, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, whatever. Sweater clad suburbanites with rustic decorations and fixed smiles. But what happens when the characters from these commercials are not in the commercials? What happens when they're just living their lives?

Bridget Reads Erotica (Bridget Brewer)

Bridget is adorable. Have you seen her? She plays in lots of shows these days. She also writes erotica online to help make ends meet. For one night only, Bridget will be reading some of the more interesting excerpts from her sensuous tales. That will in turn inspire some saucy improv scenes.

Jessica Arjet, Bridget Brewer, Caeriel Crestin


December 19, 2013

The Doppleganger Show (¡Zarzamora!)

We all know that every person in this world has a double. A dark shadow out there in the world. Similar to us, but also the opposite of us. Our balance and our foil. Our fate and our doom. What? Anyhow. There's a guy in the Netherlands name Peter More who looks like Marc Majcher, and he's in town. So Zarzamora decided it would be fun to put them in the same show and get them to aid or hinder things as they see fit.

Romans Ridin' Dirty (a 44 Hour Marathon Reunion)

The cast of this past year's 44 Hour Improv Marathon have reunited and are going to see if they can channel the insanity of that crazy few days for one. More. Show.

In Our Prime

Headliners, presenting "Santa is REAL!"


December 26, 2013

Tales from the Sleigh (Mike Nystul)

Santa shares stories from the road, and a cast of improvisers bring them to life.

A Zarate Family After-Xmas Special (Your Dad's Friends)

Gone are the days of the schmaltzy, over-the-top Christmas special. Bing Crosby and friends boozing it up on national television as they invite you to join them for one night only.

But for one night only, Your Dad's Friends invite you to join them for a very special Xmas Special, even if it is the day after Xmas.

Celebrity guests, yuletide feelings of comfort and joy, and live music. FOR FREE.

2014 Shows

January 2, 2014

okcupid's Missed Arrows (Justin Davis)

Stories told of less than successful experiences of people who have used Ok Cupid, or any other bad date experience, and scenes inspired by those stories. Maybe even make the scenes be the bad date and his or her perfect companion to find a positive, and funny, spin on things.

Dinosaur Scientist Conference Room (Mitchell Deane)

Dinosaur scientists discuss the upcoming meteor crisis and how to combat the upcoming crisis using dinotechnology.

January 9, 2014 (the 88th show)

Chevy Nova (Alex Baia)

A whole bunch of scenes in a whole bunch of cars. Each unique combination of improvisers and positions determines what scene we're currently in. A confusing and delightful automotive experience.

David Lynch Meditation Time Machine (Christopher Allen)

Deep in a transcendental meditation, filmmaker David Lynch realizes that history has been altered. Certain events have not happened and others hang in the balance. It is up to him to travel back in time in his mind in disguise as his past lives to make things right. Will the letter "e" still be in our alphabet when he returns?

Jessica Arjet and Sarah Marie Curry

Headliners, presenting "Animal Farm".

January 16, 2014 (the 89th show)

Generations (In Our Prime)

The Generations format follows the lives of our characters from childhood then teens and twenties then thirties and forties then on well past their prime.

Makeout Party (Jason Vines)

10 Improvisers engage in some college party antics, and play games like "Never Have I Ever" and "Truth or Dare" to push themselves and their honesty to the edge, and to inspire some improv that hits a little too close to home.

Special Advanced Screening of Broad City (Comedy Central)

Broad City is a new show premiering on Comedy Central on the 22nd, but we got the hookup, and we're showing the first episode in this week's Free Fringe.

PLUS, the first 30 people in the theater get a free Broad City t-shirt.

January 23, 2014 (the 90th show)

So Long, Taylor Overstreet

Taylor Overstreet is moving away from our fair city (to Chicago!), and we're sending her off in style with a Free Fringe dedicated to her.

Come wish her well and say goodbye. And if you've never seen her perform before, now is your last chance!

January 30, 2014 (the 91st show)

Theatresports Pregame Warmup Explosion!

In February we're sending three representatives (Quinn, Lacy, and Bridget) from The Hideout's cast of Theatresports to compete in the Vancouver Theatresports League's 26th Annual Massacre and Festival.

That's a HUGE deal, as they'll be representing Austin against Vancouver, Edmonton, Slovenia, and Portland. It's going to be a wild ride.

And we need to train them up right and get their Theatresports chops up to snuff for the battles to come.

So come watch some Theatresports battles in the Free Fringe and wish our champions well.

Your Dad's Friends


February 6, 2014 (also the 91st show [?])

Theatresports Pregame Warmup Explosion!

In February we're sending three representatives (Quinn, Lacy, and Bridget) from The Hideout's cast of Theatresports to compete in the Vancouver Theatresports League's 26th Annual Massacre and Festival.

That's a HUGE deal, as they'll be representing Austin against Vancouver, Edmonton, Slovenia, and Portland. It's going to be a wild ride.

And we need to train them up right and get their Theatresports chops up to snuff for the battles to come.

So come watch some Theatresports battles in the Free Fringe and wish our champions well.

Jessica Arjet and Sarah Marie Curry

Headliners, presenting "Animal Farm".

February 13, 2014 (the 92nd show)

The Cutest Show EVER (Luke Wallens)

The cutest improvisers doing the cutest improv. What does that mean? It's a mystery. Free Fringe!

Starring: Luke Wallens, Mia Iseman, Ryan Austin, John Ratliff, Amy Carpenter, Chrissy Shackleford, Justin Davis, Jeanette Jones

The Return of Deane Martin (Brandon Martin & Mitchell Deane)

The Rat Pack: In their day they were the epitome of cool... always collected, clever, and calm. But what happens when they're just hanging out in their lounge. WHO KNOWS?

Jessica Arjet and Andrew Buck


February 20, 2014 (the 97th show)

Drunk History Improv (Kevin Miller)

Kevin Miller gets really drunk and relates tales of true history. And we see some improv about it!

#PigPics LIVE (Jake)

"Based on audience suggestion, I will take my big old sharpie and crudely draw crudely immature animal pictures on my legal pad. Once the picture is drawn, I will show the audience while I or my cast tells the story of that animal. Or I/we will share an improvised poem about that animal."




February 27, 2014 (the 98th show)

Out of Bounds Submission Video Party

Submissions for the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival are coming up, in order to submit, an improv troupe needs a submission video. So we're opening up the Free Fringe to allow four groups to film their shows for submission purposes.

Those groups are all fantastic, so it works out!

They are:

That's four troupes for free! Just be sure and laugh loud for the camera.

April 3, 2014 (the 99th show)

One Activity (Norman Tran)

How many different scenes can start with digging, bowling, or some other activity? Only one way to find out. In One activity, we'll get a suggestion for an activity, and every scene will start with that.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! (Lacy Shawn)

Secrets are revealed! But WHOSE secrets?? It's up to the audience to figure out which secrets match up with which performer.

Jessica Arjet & Kareem Badr


April 17, 2014 (the 100th show)

The Franz & Dave Maestro

How can this be? It seems like only yesterday we started the Free Fringe, but this Thursday is our 100th show!

To celebrate, we're pulling out all the crazy, and letting Franz Kafka and David Lynch direct a Maestro.

How crazy, you ask?

This crazy:

(See video promo below)

Starring the following players:


April 24, 2014 (the 101st show)

Pet Peeves (Justin Davis)

Pet peeves are discussed and faced head on in this show.

A Boy and His Bear (Kevin Miller)

The adventures of a little boy (Mitchell Deane) and his bear (Kevin Miller)

Weird Camp! (Jon Bolden)

The cast of Camp Madeupponaspota blows off steam by presenting a story set an oddball summer camp picked by the audience.

May 1, 2014 (the 102nd show)

Therapy Thursday (Lindsay Hejl)

Small-town therapy gone awry. Chris Albano and Lindsay Hejl speak in one voice to spout off advice to townspeople, and we see the hilarious consequences.

OOB Picture Show


May 8, 2014 (the 103rd show)

Crossover Creek (Ripley Adams)

Loosely inspired by Fandom and Ripley's own love of crossovers, performers will each take a different character (with help from the audience) from differing canons spanning movies, books, television shows, comic books, and video games, and explore interpersonal dynamics between these characters in mundane settings. What would happen if Aragorn and Captain Jack Sparrow wound up at the laundromat together? Batman ordering McDonald's from Katniss Everdeen? Our purpose is to explore these vexing questions.

Ever After High (Cortney DeAngelo)

The sons and daughters of fairytale characters attending high school together. It's like Grimm meets Carrie meets Clueless.

Jessica Arjet and Karen Jane DeWitt



May 15, 2014 (the 104th show)

True Story (Sunaina Suhag)

The idea is a two person improv troupe (Sunaina and Heather: "Fifth Friends") perform a collection of scenes with Occasional Truth as the running thread throughout the show. One audience member will be given a bell at the beginning of the show, and asked to sound it whenever he or she wants us to share an occasional truth. This truth will be more of a short monologue or story ("True story") instead of a one-line truth.

Stupid Service (Ryan Hill)

What are Secret Service Agents really talking about on their headsets? This idea is born from a group of us waiting around in costume (black suits) at Trust No One rehearsal and doing scenes as idiotic Secret Service Agents. The President needs protection, we're talking about lunch, or analyzing each other's dreams. And there's that one guy who takes things so seriously too.

Jessica Arjet, Chuy Zarate, and Tyler Bryce


May 22, 2014 (the 105th show)

Laura Ingalls/Aliens (Paul Normandin)

Laura Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie has many fans in town. But fewer of them are boys. Many of the SciFi and Fantasy Geeks are boys and many of them only want to play where there are monsters! So how do we mash those ideas? Simple, we have Laura Ingalls Fans on stage with a bunch of SciFi Nerds. Costumes and Characters from each can play out in separate scenes until they eventually converge! But I am playing with the idea of the whole thing being dubbed! Ingalls fans dubbing the Nerds and vice versa until the worlds collide, then all hell breaks loose. Nerds speak for Nerds or Nerds play Ingalls fans! Who Can Say!!!

Joe, Betty, and Jan (Lindsay Hejl)

We all play our grandparents. Maybe starts out as a la ronde type thing in the beginning to meet each of us with different people.

Jessica Arjet & Mason Pitluk


May 29, 2014 (the 106th show)

Spaceteam Live! (Quinn Buckner)

Do you know the game SpaceTeam, for iOS? If you do, you know enough to drop everything and come to this show, which is the live version on stage. If you don't, you will witness pure, manic insanity.

Irrefutable Buddies

The two lovable duos Squirrel Buddies and Irrefutable Baby combine into one Quatro for one night only.

Jessica Arjet and Jo Chauvin


June 5, 2014 (the 107th show)

TRIO (Karen Jane DeWitt)

Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt (the famous supergroup known as TRIO) are overdue for a reunion, having released albums in '87 and '99. They decided to reunite for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Hideout Theatre in good ol' Austin, Texas. It is the Live Music Capital of the World, after all.

These three ladies are gonna tell some stories about their time on the road together, and even sing some improvised songs from their new album. It's gonna be a lovely ol' time, so gather round and don't forget to bring your whiskey and lipstick.

Jessica Arjet's Birthday Show


June 12, 2014 (the 108th show)

The Return of Erin Molson

Erin Molson is back in Austin! Hooray! Tonight she returns to the improv stage doing a duo show with Kareem Badr!

The Exit of Aden

Aden Kirschner, on the other hand, is moving away to Portland! Boo! I mean, yay for her, but boo for us, you know? But let's give her one last hoorah before she goes:

Aden says:

"While it's true that I am not leaving until after the improv marathon, I wanted to have a show where I could show my appreciation for everything that Austin, TX has done for me.

The OFFICIAL cast includes:

and Girls Girls Girls

the UNOFFICIAL cast is the rest of you. Please come. It's the Free Fringe. Anything could happen!!!"

June 19th, 2014 (the 109th show)

20 Characters in 20 Minutes (Luke Wallens)

Three awesome improvisers will be playing a different character each minute for 20min. When the lights change and/or bell dings, it's time for a new character! Will they survive? Or will they not know their names by the end of it? Or both? Come find out!

It's a Quarter to 3:00 (Chelley Pyatt)

A slice of life of a jazz singer down on her luck. It's set in the bar she typically sings at. There will be some old jazz standards with some musical improv peppered throughout.

Quadrupeds (Jessica Arjet et al)


June 26, 2014 (the 110th show)

Something by Bridget (Bridget Brewer)

Bridget does something.

Wonder Twins (Ruby Willmann)

Ruby and Troy take on the mantle of playing The Wonder Twins. You know...

The Wonder Twins are the most ridiculous super twins in the world. One can only transform into an animal and one can only transform into a type of water. So it's like....."Form of Octopus! Form of Bucket of Water!"

Your Dad's Friends


July 3, 2014 (the 111th show)

Goodbye Tim Sampson (Andrew Buck)

So long, cruel world. Improviser Tim Sampson is leaving Austin to do an internship at The Onion in Chicago! We're sending him off with a great "Hoorah!"

No Frills Presents "Bells & Whistles" (Justin Davis)

No Frills is made up of Jeanette Jones, Jessie Pascarelli, Megan Venable, and Ash Nunley. The four of them created a name for a troupe called "Bells & Whistles" consisting of their significant, which are Justin Davis, Dean Palm, and Andrew Robinson.

First, No Frills plays, and then Bells & Whistles plays trying to do as opposite of a show as possible.

So, if No Frills does a show about architects building a new university, Bells and Whistles could do a show about a demolishing crew taking down a football stadium.

Flying Theater Machine presents "Wonderland"

Ordinarily improv for kids, The Flying Theater Machine takes their recent Wonderland show and cuts loose with it in the Fringe.

July 10, 2014 (the 112th show)

Celebrity Improv 101 (Caeriel Crestin)

"We gather a bunch of imps who can do decent celebrity impressions. These celebrities have all enrolled in a Level One improv class. We get to watch. (Ruby had a dream where Bruce Willis and John Travolta showed up to a class she was teaching.)"

Synesthesia (Lindsey McGowen)

"So, I have a looping pedal, and a couple of vocal effects pedals. I also have sound > color synesthesia, which means that sounds have particular color and sensory inputs for me.

I would like to improvise soundscapes (a la Sigur Ros) based on sense memories - i.e. memories that have a very strong sensory component.

I'll ask the audience for some sense memory suggestions, and then perform a loopable soundscape based on those suggestions."

Jessica Arjet & Sam Schack



July 17, 2014 (the 113th show)

Speed Dating with Brett Tribe (Cortney DeAngelo)

"Brett Tribe is concerned for his singleness, so I thought we'd set up a speed dating scenario with him as the center point.

I have girls lining up to play, some in character, most straight-forward.

Brett is aware and has explicitly agreed to do this format.

I would interview him for a few minutes at the top of the show in order to introduce him to the audience."

All Stars and Me (Tim Coyle)

"Basically there are a bunch of vets who have been instrumental in my progress, and I would love to have a chance to share the stage with them" Staring Chuy Zarate David Lampe Kevin Miller Jessica ArjetJon Bolden Mitch Mills Ruby Willmann Stuart M Feild

Jessica Arjet & Lisa Jackson


July 24, 2014 (the 114th show)

The Mixer (Sandra Ybarra)

"What would it look like to see a set where you were performing a Harold and twin pillars in the same show with the alphabet game playing in the background of your mind and the words coming out of your mouth. Or to see a narrative turn into a BAT bit with oscar winning moments. What if we mixed them all together with a little bit an an intermission a la living room style and end it on a monologue note until demon voice showed up with scene partners who were clowning.

What if I invited people I never get to play with and to do a set where we play and mixed in the different formats.

What would that look like? What would that feel like? What other combinations are possible that I haven't even thought about? More importantly, could this happen or will it be a happy cluster fuck? I won't know until I try this."

Poly-Juice Prov (Lindsay Hejl)

"A group of us will get on stage and play each other as characters."

Jessica Arjet, Sam Schak, Jeanette Jones, Jen Kaplan, and Jessie Pascarelli


July 31, 2014 (the 115th show)

Franky and the Face (Kareem Badr)

It's Kareem's first solo show. Crazy. But what is the Face? What is it? What Face? There is no Face.

World Peace (Michael Ferstenfeld and Matthew Falkenberg)

Wherein a Palestinian and a Jew hug and talk it out till it all makes sense

Your Dad's Friends


August 7, 2014 (the 116th show)

Everybody Loves Chris

Everybody in the cast plays a Chris Albano caricature. This is basically like the scene from Being John Malkovich where he goes inside of his own brain and it's just a bunch of Malkoviches saying "Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich Malkovich!"

Ceej Character Explosion (Ceej Allen)

Five Hideout Theatre students/recent graduates (Tim Coyle, Joy Parks, Robert Slack, Kathleen McFerren and Cagney Ortiz) will challenge improv veteran Ceej Allen by playing a variety of characters that he must then play. After running Ceej through this character gauntlet, a montage will occur where anyone can play any of the characters from the challenge.

Arjet Universe

This is the first show where the headliner was billed simply as "Arjet Universe", rather than listing Jessica Arjet's guests by name.

August 14, 2014 (the 117th show)

The Hideout Summer Intensive Showcase

We are in the midst of the Hideout Summer Intensive. And it's awesome.

Performers from all over the United States (and a few from abroad) are here to learn at The Hideout.

And now we're throwing them into the Fringe.

Projects by Fringe veterans Jason Vines, Paul Normandin, and Bridget Brewer will all happen.

Paul Normandin will be going an improvised Sitcom, Bridget will be doing something Shark Week Themed, and WHO KNOWS what Jason Vines will be doing.

August 21, 2014 (the 118th show)

Bridget's Going Away Show

"Friends, buddies, and Austin lovelies! This Thursday, come party with me at The Hideout Theatre at 10 pm as I celebrate possibly some of the best years of my life with 15 awesome improvisers, 2 lovely tech ladies, one badass Tosin on piano, a final show with BeauMoMa, and a coupla PIES. It'll be my last time performing with y'all before I move to Rhode Island on Monday (!!!). I love you all.

I mean it. All of you. You've changed my life in so many important and wonderful ways. And I hope you come so I can hug you and cry on you and tell you how wonderful you are.

Also, Halyn designed this poster. It is my favorite thing ever. The end.

See you Thursday!"


September 4, 2014 (the 119th show)

Super City Council (Peter Rogers)

For reasons not worth getting into, a whole bunch of improvisers spent a whole bunch of hours hanging out at an extremely dull City Council meeting last week. So now, we're passing the entertainment onto you. We'll revisit the meeting, but set it in an alternate universe: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Whimsical? Come and See!

Emergency Buddies (Jon Bolden)

It is absolutely imperative that Squirrel Buddies do a show with British improviser Chris Mead before he leaves Austin tomorrow. So here it is: an emergency show, for buddies.

Arjet Universe


September 11, 2014 (the 120th show)

Doggone (Ripley Adams)

With help from the audience, performers will be assigned one of 400+ possible dog breeds, whose personality and defining traits they will craft their characters around. Shenanigans ensue in a burst of colorful scenes that follow! Aloof? Loyal? Sensitive? Merry? How different are we from Man's Best Friend, anyway?

Forest of Stories (Thedward Blevins)

A continuous sequence of "I am" declarations. The players declare themselves and find a place in the tableau and then peel off to do it again as they inspired to do so. Occasionally, the sequence of tableaus will segue into actual scenes inspired by the tableau.

Arjet Universe


September 18, 2014 (the 121st show)

MITCH Week (Mitch Mills)

Mitch Mills, Mitchell Deane, and Mitchell Shotts celebrate MITCH Week by doing a Mitch-only show.

Into the Fridge (Heidi Rogers)

Some people are stuck in a fridge. How? Who knows. Why? Who can say. But we'll learn all about it in this show.

Spoiler Alert (Patrick Creamer)

We see the end of a story first, and then work our way back up from the beginning. It's avant garde non-traditional narrative, y'all!

Arjet Universe

Headliners (guests: Aspen Webster and Haley Alea Erickson

September 25, 2014 (the 122nd show)

Sister Stories (Melissa Patterson)

"My sister, Nicole Patterson from the Coalition Theater house troupe in Richmond Va, and I have a lot of stories from our lives that we do not agree on. I'd like to have the 2 of us narrate a story from our lives, that the audience will choose. A group of 4-6 improvisers will act out our stories, there should be tons of revisions and edits from the both of us."

The Devil Wears ??? (Ryan Austin)

Ryan is considered one of most well-dressed men in the AIC, but David Schwartz is quickly claiming that title from him. So why not remove the sartorial decisions from these two titans and see them out of control?

The entirety of both men's wardrobe will be set on stage for two audience members to peruse and select an outfit for each man, however audacious or ridiculous it may be. Ryan and David will change into the outfit selected for them and begin to form a character based off of the clothes. They will then do a series of scenes from these character's' lives.

The clothes really do make the man.

Arjet Universe

Headliners (guest: John Ratliff)

October 2, 2014 (the 123rd show)

Drama Alert: Improvised Stories of the Emergency Room! (Craig McGreggor)

"Simple medical based short narrative for those of us with some medical background and those who don't. The hospital setting can be a very fast paced, high pressure environment but can also have its moments of incredible teamwork and bonding of employees/family/patients. This isn't an opportunity to sling fancy medical jargon but rather a moment to tap into emotions we've truly felt and improvise them for an audience. "

Two Detectives (Brett Tribe and Ceej Allen)

Ceej and I play two detectives in the style of True Detective, but instead of doing crime stuff, we're on a road trip together to do some activity. We converse, lights go up, lights go down, we move to a different part of the stage and/or get out of the car and/or switch places. Pick up the trip at a later time. Suggestion would be a state in the union that isn't Louisiana so we aren't directly mimic-ing the television show.

Kaci Beeler and Michael Joplin


October 9, 2014 (the 124th show)

SeussProv (Jayme Ramsay)

Improvised Doctor Seuss! Probably the best idea ever.

Mr. DeMille (Ceej Allen)

Linda Calgaro (Lady Fingers--and visiting from Australia!), Adriane Shown (Hurly Burly: Improvised Burlesque Stories and Hell and Back Cabaret) and Ceej Allen (Confidence Men, Franz & Dave and My Best Fiend) are ready to set you up for a close-up into cinematic improv. Sweet cinematography that inspires big characters await you. Billy Wilder would be proud!

Arjet Universe


October 16, 2014 (the 125th show): "Best of the Free Fringe"

As part of the Hideout's 15-year-anniversary weekend, they presented a special "Best of the Free Fringe" show. It featured best-loved acts from earlier Fringes, as voted on by the AIC.

The Floor is Lava (Jason Vines)

This format originally appeared on 1/12/12, and was exactly what the title implies.

Evil Peter Rogers (Kevin Miller)

This format originally appeared on 5/7/12, and featured affable improvisor Peter Rogers justifying horrible actions in various scenes.

The cast also included Roy Janik, Kevin Miller, Kaci Beeler, and Chuy Zarate.

All Ladies Be Trekkin'

This format originally appeared on 3/8/12, and featured a Start Trekkin' story with an all-female cast.

Tech Nightmare

This was the beloved, recurring Free Fringe format (7/19/12, 9/27/12, 10/25/12, and 12/13/12) that features AIC techs inflicting sound- and light-cue madness on the performers onstage.


October 23, 2014 (the 126th show): "DeaneFest"

DeaneFest! (Mitchell Deane)

If you know Granville Mitchell Deane III, then "DeaneFest" should be all you need to know.

The wildest Free Fringe shows have come from Mitchell. His brain simply doesn't work like the rest of ours. In the best way.

Tonight you'll see three projects cooked up by his wiley brain, and we have no idea what they are. RUN! (to the show!) HIDE! (in the audience)

starring: Kevin Miller, Rachel Denton, Joshua Bush, Brandon Martin, Jessica Arjet

Arjet Universe

"Animal Farm", featuring Jessica Arjet and Sarah Marie Curry.

October 30, 2014 (the 127th show)

The No Design (Valerie Ward)

A show inspired by the music of The Free Design... people hanging out in a cabin, swapping stories and singing songs in the style of Free Design.

Tales from the Black Vault (Peter Rogers)

This Thursday at the Free Fringe, we're premiering Tales from the Black Vault, an audiodrama podcast of stories inspired by the work of H. P. Lovecraft. And on Halloween, we're launching a kickstarter for a full season of episodes!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Kevin Miller

November 6, 2014 (the 128th show)

PSA (Sushant Sethi)

Inspired by public service campaigns of your childhood like "Your Brain on Drugs", "Smokey the Bear", and others. Come watch us warn you about the dangers of the world inspired by an audience suggestion!

Nonething and Everning (Megan Sherrod)

Anton Chekhov is arguably the most celebrated playwright since Shakespeare. Mostly known for his hundreds of short stories, this giant of Russian literature cemented his reputation with four major plays written in his final decade: The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard. See the cast of the Hideout Theatre's Nothing and Everything: Improvised Chekhov Plays share the world of Chekhov through the lens of alcohol in this alternate rendition of the show: "Nonething and Everning".

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Chris Albano

November 13, 2014 (the 129th show)

Six O'Clock Audition Group (Heidi Rogers and Paul Normandin)

This show is literally an amalgamation of people randomly put together in an audition slot for the last Hideout Mainstage. They loved auditioning together so much that now they want to keep the magic going. What will they do? Beats me! But their energy is infectious, and it's bound to be fun.

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better (Quinn Buckner and Mia Iseman)

Mia and Quinn have a well-known and bitter rivalry that they'll be playing out on stage. The show will be challenges that they throw out at each other.

The challenges are going to be real and not have any limitations, anything from push-ups to rubix cubes and puzzles and eating contests to drawing contest.

Tests of physical, mental, personal, and emotional limits.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Ryan Austin

November 20, 2014

(Dark for WaffleFest 2014.)

November 27, 2014

(Dark for Thanskgiving.)

December 4, 2014 (the 130th show)

Minnesota Nice (Chris Curl)

Chris Curl is pulling up stakes and moving to Minnesota. But before he does, it's time for one last Fringe show. From the man himself:

"I prep everyone with basic info about minnesota, my job etc. then we do scenes mostly with me as me, interacting with everyones own interpretations of minnesotans."

If there's one thing Texans know, it's what it's like to be in Minnesota. So this should be easy.

Arkham Community Radio (Peter Rogers)

Night Vale isn't the only town with strange things going on. Black Vault director Marc Majcher, Night Vale superfan Ripley Adams, and tech maven Lindsey McGowen introduce you to Arkham, the New England town whose unspeakable horrors were once made famous by H. P. Lovecraft. Arkham still exists today, and still teeters on the edge of sanity-cracking oblivion. Let's listen in on its friendly, informative community-radio show, shall we?

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Kristin Henn


December 11, 2014 (the 130th show)

Sounds like a Troupe (Luke Wallens)

It's 'that sounds like a song' improv game meets living room style meets interactive audience meets meta-improv.

Basically we will start with living room style with an audience suggestion and joke around until someone calls out someone else's phrase by saying, 'hey, that sounds like an improv troupe'. Then we act like those troupe members until the idea is exhausted. Rinse and repeat!

Arjet Universe

The BAT: improv in the dark.

December 18, 2014 (the 131st show)

Coffee and Bacon (Michael Day Kauffman)

This is a one-time Austin performance. A high energy, gamey and very physical 2 man show. Robert and Michael met taking classes at IO and have performed together with their troupe Sophomore Album for 3 years. Robert currently performs on an IO Harold team, Apollo, and is also a graduate of the Second City Conservatory. And he's in town for the weekend! It's a re-match made in Heaven.

Holiday Commercial Break (Courtney Hopkin)

Back by popular demand!

There's nothing quite like holiday commercials. Gap, Old Navy, Wal-Mart, whatever. Sweater clad suburbanites with rustic decorations and fixed smiles. But what happens when the characters from these commercials are not in the commercials? What happens when they're just living their lives?

Arjet Universe

Naughty List - Sam Schak, Ruby Willmann, and Jessica Arjet.

December 25, 2014

(Dark for Christmas.)

2015 Shows

January 1, 2015

(Dark for New Year's.)

January 8, 2015 (the 132nd show)

No Hablo (Cagney Ortiz)

David Ronn speaks a lot of Spanish and is good at it. Cagney speaks a fair amount of Spanish and is ok enough to partially survive in Mexico. Sunaina does not speak Spanish, but likes to pretend she does.

This trio thought it would be really fun to do a show where they are all only allowed to speak in their own levels of Spanish.

Were they right? Let's find out.

The Art of the Woo (Luke Wallens)

Luke Wallens and Sandra Ybarra use the best of their physicality, playfulness and silence to woo the audience.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Ceej Allen.

January 15, 2015 (the 133rd show)

Worst First Date (Lance Hunter)

A date that goes horribly, horribly wrong. Then wrong some more. Then wronger. It's just the wrongiest.

Things We Don't Speak Of (Jeremy Moran)

The title of this piece is "Things We Don't Speak Of" because EVERYTHING is sung.

Even asking the audience for suggestions is sung.

All-sung dialogue.

There will not be a musician but there will definitely be support off to the side providing a cappella backup.

The effect will be like a crazed operetta where there are no rules.

Arjet Universe

"Better Than You" - Jessica Arjet and Courtney Hopkin.

January 22, 2015 (the 134th show)

Apples to Improv (Norman Tran)

There is a audience volunteer with a bell and handful of Apples to Apples(or similar) cards to the side of the stage.

They draw the cards randomly from a stack.

The improvisers perform and during the show the audience member can ring the bell and show them a card. At that point, they must incorporate that card into the current scene and continue.

Drunk Lindsay Does Math (Chris Albano)

Lindsay Hejl gets drunk, and then she tries to solve math word problems from a fifth or sixth grade text book.

While she struggles, the cast acts out scenes based on the word problem prompts.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and ???.

January 29, 2015 (the 135th show)

Lynch Mob (Ceej Allen)

David Lynch (Ceej Allen) invites you to join him as three improvisers (Jericho Thorp, Mason Pitluk and Jeremy Moran) rally with him in deconstructing the dark and wild heart of improv. Yes, there will be cherry pie!

Ich Bin Ein Improviser (Ryan Hill)

The pitch from Ryan:

"I, Ryan Hill, am traveling to Germany for work the first week in February. I would like to learn some useful German before I go. I will ask my improv friends who speak German to teach me. Yeah, this should go well.

I will have each of them give me a quick mini-German lesson on stage and then the whole cast will improvise a scene in Germany where I will have to use my newfound knowledge."

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Michael Jastroch.

February 5th, 2015 (the 136th show)

Six Degrees of Habitation (Suzanne Link)

Short two-person scenes, each with the same Johnstonian welcome-to-my-home setup: a character brings a visitor to their home for the first time. Over and over, with different pairings of people.

Marvel at the interconnectivity of the characters' universes. Or not. Written audience suggestions will be used to help fill out and decorate the characters' homes.

Ex-Military Show (Mike Reed)

The concept is simple: a show put on by Austin improvisers who also happen to be ex-military.

So it'll just be combat and physical training scenes? NO!

We're going to break through the clichés and make the scenes about the relationships and personal struggles/triumphs of the characters themselves. Some scenes will be funny, some touching, some uncomfortable. Hopefully all worth watching.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet presents "Pirate Tales!", featuring Andreas Fabis, Dana Yanoshak, Ceej Allen, Katie Dahm, and Cassidy Claire Risien.

February 12th, 2015 (the 137th show)

Hug Day (Tim Coyle)

Every year Paul Normandin, the nicest guy in the universe, organizes a Hug Day downtown. This show will be a tribute and a recreation of that. The idea couldn't be simpler, even if it is a little tricky to grasp. Here's Tim's pitch to Paul:

"Say you and others who were giving out hugs play while people are walking on stage from time to time to get or decline hugs. It could be neat to see the actual conversations that take place between hug times, as well as end with everyone in the audience."

The Perfect Free Fringe show.

PLANK-A-THON! (Joy Parks)

Want to support the Hideout's Special Needs program? Sweet! So do we! It's awesome! To learn more about the program, check out

YOU can help this program continue to grow by participating in the Plank-A-Thon! The concept: Each member of the cast will plank during the show, for as long as s/he can, and the planks will be individually timed. (One improviser, Joy, promises to go for 5 minutes!)How is this a fundraiser? We're hoping you will pledge per minute planked by the whole cast, or place a donation if Joy completes her 5 minute plank or, donate just because you wanna donate! Check out this google doc for full show details and more donation info!

Mainstage Co-Op (Lacy Shawn)

In an alternative universe, characters from various Hideout mainstages all live in the same home as roommates.

What happens when a home is shared by a reform school girl, kenjutsu guy, chekhovian person, black vault person, etc.? Only The Free Fringe will tell!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet presents Love Stories, featuring the cast of I Love You So Much.


  • Video of the Plank-A-Thon.

February 19th, 2015 (the 138th show)

Andrew and Jeremy Hypnotize Each Other! (Jeremy Moran)

Andrew Schwartz (Played by Andrew Schwartz) and Jeremy Moran (Played by Jeremy Moran) are two improvisors who are going fully under hypnosis during an improv set. They will take an audience volunteer to do the deed, most likely using a small hypnotic toy such as a spinning top. Once they are in a somnambulist state, the audience volunteer will then have complete control of the show. They will manipulate Andrew and Jeremy to bend to their will, making them do any scene or character they want to.

And the Oscar Goes To... (Jessica von Schramm)

It's the 87th Academy Awards ceremony a few days earlier and a few hours shorter! Improvisers will act out Oscar clips based on made up films from audience suggestions. Dreams will come true while others are crushed. And it's all up to the audience to decide who wins the coveted Oscar.

Something Insane By Ceej

February 26th, 2015 (the 139th show)

Norman Gets Angry (Thedward Blevins)

A bunch of scenes where Norman Tran gets angry.

JonJohn (Jon Bolden)

It's everyone's favorite adorable little guy's birthday! That's right, li'l Jonny Bolden is turning a big thirty two years old (awwww). To celebrate, he's playing with his buddy, John Ratliff ( another Jon, but with an 'H'). Together they're JonJohn (we're dying from cuteness over here!). Come wish the big boy a Happy Birthday!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet, with In Our Prime and Brently Heilbron.

March 5th, 2015 (the 140th show): "MUSICAL FRINGE!!"

Grounded in Harmony (Bobby Stover)

Have you ever thought how life would be so much more dramatic if you went through it with a theme song? Or at least a backing track? Come see how the power of music brings the improv world to life. You will laugh, cry, and feel some tension. But most importantly, you will LIVE!

That Racket! (Mitch Mills)

That Racket! is an Austin-based troupe that combines the three great arts of improv, music, and dance into a playful and hilarious evening of entertainment. Every show, we present stories that have never been told, songs that have never been sung, and dances that have never been danced before. And though they'll never be told, sung, or danced again, they'll stick with you!

MC Harold (Craig McGreggor)

A Magical souffle of improvised rap stuffed with delicious stories with just a dash of outlandish characters sauteed to perfection when the beat drops.

Curry, Kirschner and Taylor

Aden Kirschner, Sarah Marie Curry, and Ammon Taylor are all members of two time B.-Iden-Payne-Award-winning, musical-performance collective Girls Girls Girls. As faculty members of Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation, the Institution Theater, and the Hideout Theatre, these three put on an unforgettably theatrical performance weaving together characters scenes and songs that are magical, catchy and adorable!

March 12th, 2015 (the 141st show)

Swedish Exchange Students (Kevin Miller)

Featuring Kevin Miller.

Spacework Dinner (Tyler Lane)

Tyler Lane spends 15 minutes making dinner, via silent spacework.

Bad Cop / Bad Cop (the Penny Dreadful cast)

Arjet Universe

Featuring Jason Vines.

March 19th, 2015

Dark for SXSW.

March 26th, 2015 (the 142nd show)

Man of Felt (Caeriel Crestin)

Dave Ronn's identical twin muppet comes to town. No one can tell the two apart. Hilarity ensues.

WARNING: live puppets.

The Black Death (Asaf Ronen, The Jukebox Musical Project)

The work of Smashing Pumpkins plopped into a fifteen-minute musical set (where else?) in 1348 London during the height of the Black Plague. Romance, travel, and rats underscored, despite all its rage, by the lyrics of Corgan and company.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Ouardane Jouannot.

April 2, 2015 (the 143rd show)

Evil Aspen (Ann Nelson)

Aspen Webster is one of the most kind and loving members of the Austin Improv Community. She wears her heart on her sleeve and just wants everyone to be happy.

That's usually great, but sometimes she just wants to be inexplicably, unjustifiably, undoubtedly terrible. Tonight, Aspen gets to explore her alter ego (affectionately known as Willow) and what it means to just be mean.

Minimal Requirements (Justin Davis)

On job listings, there are sections that describe the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform said jobs. Many times, at the bottom of these listings, the most basic physical abilities to perform this job are given, no matter what kind of job it is. Recently, Justin found the following sentence in that area of a job listing:

"While performing the duties of this job, the employee constantly is required to: Grasp, handle, feel, see, sit, listen, and talk. "

That grouping and specific choice of words gave Justin the idea to use each one of those words as inspiration for a scene, showing the power of focusing on one of those simple words as a thematic element and the different interpretations that can happen.

Featuring Megan Sherrod, Suzanne Link, Ted Meredith, and Kristin Kissinger.

Strings (Ian Parizot)

Halyn, Marc, and Ian will explore the poetic world of human puppetry on stage.

Arjet Universe: "Ten Titles"

The audience provides 10 titles for stories, which are performed in EXACTLY 30 minutes -- NO CHEATING. Starring Mark Tindle (from London), Jessica Arjet, Aspen Webster, and Andreas Fabis. Chad Wellington and Cindy Page will keep them honest with lights, music and a timer.

April 9, 2015

Dark for The 2015 Improvised Play Festival.

April 16, 2015 (the 144th show)

Quinni and Jinni (Quinn Buckner)

Quinn Buckner is a local improvisor, but Jinni Lyons is FROM LONDON! They're super pumped to play with each other and she's only here for a short while so come watch as they try out some scene ideas and have a blast doing it.

Hideout Action News (Sushant Sethi)

After taking some audience suggestions for current events/news that have been occupying their thoughts we'll be diving right into an improvised newscast. Hosted by a trusty anchor, expect to see a myriad of characters we may encounter at the news desk and on location at scene. Nothing is out of bounds. Will this be a serious news hour with heartbreaking stories of kittens stuck in oak trees? Or will it be an in your face riffed up bonkers experience? We don't know, but you should come check it out!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Shannon Dale Stott.

April 23, 2015 (the 145th show)

Like a Brother (Mike Carreon)

Through thick and thin, siblings stick together...or do they? Come see Like A Brother, a grounded improv duo, as they explore the complicated yet familiar dynamic of being a sibling.

Animal House (Theo Daley)

In Animal House, we'll create a story in any genre you like, as characters resembling animals. You pick the genre. You pick the animals.

Can you imagine a western where the cowboys seem oddly like buzzards or whales? A romcom where the lovers resemble a rhino and a pelican? Come to Animal House!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Megan Venable.

April 30, 2015 (the 146th show)

First Impressions (Jessica von Schramm)

We've all heard it: You have seven seconds to make a first impression, and you get only one chance to do it. Lady Jester (Jessica von Schramm's alter ego) will do scenes with audience members in set ups where they meet each other for the first time. Afterward she will reenact the scenes, playing both the audience member and herself. Assuming she made the worst first impression ever, she'll verbalize the audience member's thoughts of her and act out what she thought they saw.

Funny Women (Ruby Willmann)

This is the casual, unofficial, just for fun funny lady's workshop showcase! Our four-week series on being a woman in comedy was just too awesome to end without a performance! Come join us as we explore the stage with confidence sincerity and enthusiasm!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Quadrupeds.


  • Video of the 4/30/15 "Quadrupeds" performance.

May 7, 2015 (the 147th show)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Tim Coyle)

A group of sports fans journey to the game, at the game, or on the way home from the game - the audience will decide.

Washed-up (Ali Meier)

A rockin' hit band from the 80s reunites 30 years later to go on tour. Relive (or experience) the music, make-up, drugs, girls, drama and last but not least, the HAIR that made the 80s ROCK.

Arjet Universe: "The Other Jessica"

Jessica Arjet and Jessica von Schramm have been circling each other in the world of improv for a few years now. They have several mutual friends but have never played together. Both have been referred to as the "other Jessica" , and both are curious as to what this "other Jessica" is all about. Watch as the two Jessica's come together for the first time. Will they wrestle? Will they bond? Will they have more in common than their first names? Whatever they do, it'll be entertaining.

May 14, 2015 (the 148th show)

Adam and Norman Suck at Dating (Norman Tran)

Adam and Norman suck at dating. Luckily, our tragedy is your comedy! Come see us navigate this awkward and frustrating part of life.

Tim in a Cup (Angie Smith)

If you've ever considered taking a self-defense class, let Tim in a Cup be your introductory precursor. No, this show has nothing to do with the two girls on Youtube, a video that this author has managed to avoid for YEARS and you should too. Instead, Tim in a Cup will provide you with helpful maneuvers to block yourself from such mental, emotional and physical creeps, in a fun way.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Andreas Fabis, doing a post-apocalyptic format.

May 21, 2015 (the 149th show)

Imaginary People Have Feelings Too (Phil Morin)

Emojis -- everyone's favorite second language. Watch as improvisers act out scenes inspired by those whimsical icons, proving that imaginary people have feelings too.

You Bet Your Life (Robert Slack)

Groucho Marx (Robert Slack) brings his classic television quiz show to the Hideout theatre. Groucho will interview audience members, and have them play for the chance to win 200$ (Monopoly money).

Free Range Improv (Jessica von Schramm)

The rules are there ain't no rules. Watch what happens when improvisers are free to explore whatever type of improv they wish - montage, narrative, singing, silent, etc - all during the same show!

May 28, 2015 (the 150th show)

JK Debut

JK is a high energy duo! With the audience's assistance, they will run through 10 scenes, and then revisit any of the scenes the audience want to see again. Like changing the channels on the stage, the audience has a huge say in which funny they want to see again!

Sweet Justice (Nicole Beckley)

Luke Wallens and Nicole Beckley play two incredibly nice, cheery, chipper homicide detectives. Kevin Miller is their no-nonsense boss who sends them on grisly assignments and has had it up to here with their unrelenting cheeriness.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and ???.

June 4, 2015 (the 151st show)

10 Scenes in 20 minutes (Gene Zhou)

Can we do 10 scenes in 20 minutes, each inspired by a suggestion from the audience? Come and find out! Based on the sketch format 30 Plays in 60 Minutes.

Kenny loves Community (Lahari Samineni)

Kenny loves the show 'Community'. So much so he's will to play ALL SEVEN characters from the show.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and ???.

June 11, 2015 (the 152nd show)

Kaci and Xaq Go to Town (Kaci Beeler)

Xaq Webb is back in Austin to say hi. Xaq and Kaci go way back to high school together. And now they're going to take the stage for a Fringe show. What will that mean? Find out!

Hat Game! (Tyler Lane)

A Keith Johnstone classic! Watch hatted improvisors struggle to either de-hat their scene partner or maintain a grounded scene while doing so.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Tyler Lane.

June 18, 2015 (the 153rd show)

Destination (Katy Schutte)

Katy and Tony are from London, for real! Destination is an improvised podcast that is a slice-of-life of one person's journey in a car. And this is the live version of that.

Trending (Andrew Buck)

This will be a show inspired by the "trending" news on Facebook. SUPER topical and relevant, y'all.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and ???.

June 25, 2015 (the 154th show)

Fringe Redux

We're bringing back some of your favorite Fringe Show producers. Three special projects by three infamous producers:

Mitchell Deane! Jason Vines! Ceej Allen!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Brently Heilbron.

July 2, 2015 (the 155th show)

Rejected! (Andreas Fabis)

A lot of show ideas never see the stage - for good reasons. The Escorts brainstormed format and came up with a list that was kept secret for years. Until now. See formats like "Put the Diaper on Andreas" and "Poop Palace" performed for the first time.

Lyric Suggestion Mashup (Jason Burnett)

Have you ever wondered what scenes might look like if we took bewildering lyrics for suggestions? Join us and get a chance to pick out your favorite mystifying lyrics from a basket. Lyrics for the show will be taken from songs of the 90s.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Andreas Fabis.

July 9, 2015 (the 156th show)

Ask a German (Andreas Fabis)

Did you ever wonder why Germans say "I'll be right back" when they go to the restroom? What's up with the Christmas Pickle? Why do they wish each other "a good appetite" before a meal? Andreas Fabis assembled a team of top-notch historians to unearth the secrets behind any German custom you care to know about.

Your Corpus is Showing (Jessica von Schramm)

Based on a popular meme, "Your Corpus Is Showing" will lovingly poke fun at the unique experiences one can have only from growing up in Corpus.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Topping Haggerty.



July 16, 2015 (the 157th show)

Hollywouldn't (Jon Fortenbury)

In Hollywouldn't, "Girl, Interrupted" could be a story about a girl going on a killing spree after being interrupted, and "Star Wars" about a teen's fight for opera stardom. That's because, in this show, an improviser will narrate an actual film he/she has never seen (suggested by the audience) while the other improvisers act it out. It's bound to be nothing like the real films €” and hilarious!

Shelby Going Away Party (Cristy Salinas)

Lady Shelby Graham is moving to Los Angeles. Come watch her last Soy Taco show for FREE!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Aspen Webster.

July 23, 2015 (the 158th show): "Musical Fringe"

Featuring three musical groups: Things We Don't Speak Of, That Racket!, and MC Harold!

Arjet Universe

A description from Jessica Arjet: On my birthday Fringe, Tess Hermes came to the show and was maybe a tiny bit intoxicated, which is fine. And also enjoyed the show SO much that she couldn't stop trying to participate in it.

I'm going to get intoxicated, with the help of Tess, Mason, Aspen, and Kevin Miller -- who is the master of drunk shows. After that they will all do a show and I will heckle them.

Revenge is sweet when you own a theater!

July 30, 2015 (the 159th show)


August 6, 2015 (the 160th show)

The Two Gentlemen Of... (Asaf Ronen)

Peter Rogers and Asaf Ronen play two Shakespearean guards who while away the time for twenty minutes.

Hollywood Confidential (Jeremy Moran)

The cast (including Jeremy Moran, Linzy Beltran, David Lampe, Mitchell Deane, Heidi Rogers, Casey Marie, Andrew Schwartz )writes and acts out tabloid gossip stories from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Arjet Universe: "Fairies"

Jessica Arjet, Jenna Howard, Tyler Lane, Jennifer Hill, and David Ronn portray magical fairies.


  • Video of the "Two Gentlemen Of" performance.

August 13, 2015 (the 161st show): "Summer Intensive Fringe Show"

Aspen Webster, Tyler Lane, and Jessica Arjet will be heading up project using Austin improvisers and students from the Hideout Summer Intensive as cast members. It's gonna be a blast, y'all.



August 20, 2015 (the 162nd show)

The End of Us (Jeremy Moran)

An improv troupe is calling it quits and you're invited to their last show! It will be an emotional send-off but there will be a lot of laughs along the way.

Teacher Heaven (Ruby Willmann, Ryan Austin, and Lacy Shawn)

Sometimes when you teach improv you run across students with so much natural talent you're totally in awe and a little bit jealous. Then we find ourselves wishing to share the stage with them! Now we get to! Watch teachers pair up with their students in Teacher Heaven.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Margaret Rose.



August 27, 2015 (the 163rd show)

Fancy Nancy and Plain Jane (Kaci Beeler)

Two unlikely sisters, Fancy Nancy (Halyn Lee Erickson) and Plain Jane (Kaci Beeler), are as opposite as they come. Nancy has a luxurious life as a famous actress, a rich and eccentric starlet of the stage and screen, while Jane enjoys her days making less than minimum wage and as little noise as possible as a Librarian's assistant, counting the seconds until her next herbal tea break. Will Jane ever take on a more exciting life? Will Nancy ever settle down?

Only one way to find out...TONIGHT in Fancy Nancy and Plain Jane.

Theo-Thon (Kenny Madison)

Kenny Madison is devising some masterful piece of showmanship somehow involving Theo Daley.

Arjet Universe: "Improv on a Hot Tin Roof"

The Arjet Universe will be investigating the world of Tennessee Williams! Drama, regret, bitterness, and accusations will fly as we delve into a steamy southern story. The cast includes: Paul Normandin, Aspen Webster, Peter Rogers, Nicole Oliver, and Jessica Arjet.


  • Video of the "Improvisors on a Hot Tin Roof" performance.

September 3, 2015

Dark for The 2015 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.

September 10, 2015 (the 164th show)

Rapid Fire (Kenny Madison)

A rapid-fire assortment of fringe ideas from Lahari Samineni.

Vulnerability Blocks (Norman Tran)

A series of two person scenes where there are two stacks of blocks relating to either character are placed on opposite sides of the stage. The higher the blocks are stacked during the scene, the more invested the respective character is in the relationship between the two characters. We played with the imps on stage having control of the blocks, imps off stage having control, and the audience having control.

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Sunaina Suhag.

September 17, 2015 (the 165th show)

I Have an Idea for a Fringe (Jeremy Moran)

Inspired by the meta work of Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation, Synecdoche New York) comes a Fringe-Within-A-Fringe-Within-A-Fringe! Travel down a rabbit hole of improv as you watch the creation of very Fringe that you are watching. Totally meta, man.

Something with Bridget (Bridget Brewer)

Bridget Brewer is back in town, and ready to do something in the Fringe!

Arjet Universe

Jessica Arjet and Chris Albano.

September 24th, 2015 (the 166th show)

Aspen Reacts (Kelly Campbell)

Have you ever seen Aspen Webster react to things on (or off) stage? Didn't you love it? Do you want to watch her react to things for 20 minutes? Join us as we explore the spectrum of Aspen's emotional reactions in this Free Fringe set.

Spookyprov (Tyler Lane)


Arjet Universe: "The Black Vault Under the Influence"

History Under the Influence subjects itself to an unholy union with the macabre works of legendary horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Come to the Free Fringe at 10pm, if you dare, for our first-ever mashup show, The Black Vault Under The Influence. You'll witness an improvised tale of unspeakable terror and dread, as told by your distressed narrator, Kevin Miller, and four or five vodka-cranberries. The cost to your wallet is free. The cost to your soul is beyond what the narrow human brain can yet conjure.

October 1, 2015 (the 167th show): "Lady Fringe"

Sets by Jessica Arjet, Lacy Shawn, and Jessica von Schramm.